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    I have 4 kids and married to my old time love and one granddaughter
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    Hockey,camping and crocheting
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    thread bears and doileys
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    was tought by my mom when i was 6 and stoped for many years picked it back up again in 2002
  1. hello everyone I have been MIA for a long time. i hope to being more active in posts and projects in the future. my life got in a very long rut and i just kept on going. i enjoy this group and looks like a lot of people are still with the group when i was on before. Looking forward to all your comments and posts. Hope to post pictures of my crochet that is on the hook as soon as i can Becky
  2. I'm a leftie, I eat with a fork and wright with my left hand but I crochet with my right. I have tryed to crochet with my left and it feels so weard.
  3. Looking forward to seeing the pattern. My daughter Elaine would love that. :)
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