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    I have 4 kids and married to my old time love and one granddaughter
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    Hockey,camping and crocheting
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    thread bears and doileys
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    was tought by my mom when i was 6 and stoped for many years picked it back up again in 2002
  1. hello everyone I have been MIA for a long time. i hope to being more active in posts and projects in the future. my life got in a very long rut and i just kept on going. i enjoy this group and looks like a lot of people are still with the group when i was on before. Looking forward to all your comments and posts. Hope to post pictures of my crochet that is on the hook as soon as i can Becky
  2. I'm so sorry the picture didn't upload.did this from my phone
  3. Lost what the name is and the pattern
  4. thank you for helping me find it.
  5. need pattern and name of this afghan
  6. when i get home tonigh i will have to print up the patterns
  7. thank you for the link. I made a small square and it will work out great THANK YOU
  8. Yes I got my package last night when I got home from a long day at work. I loved them all, my dd wants to take my caterpillar and I love the coffee its so good made a pot before bed. (Vanilla Biscotti) I will post pictures after I get home from work (another long day)
  9. Mailed package out and sent dc number to hostess and partner. I hope she has it by the weekend. Hope you like it
  10. i have a few things to look for and then i can mail your package to you. i hope to have it out on Saturday :clap:clap:cheer:cheer
  11. Do you think WE ALL need to stalk the post man or woman for the next few days? :lol:lol
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