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    47 year old mother of 2 and 1 step grown children.
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    Inside my Huge Pack Ratters Locker
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  1. Once again, another Beautiful, Colorful Bag. The fall colors are so pretty. Whomever receives it, is definetely a very lucky lady.
  2. Jennifer (wyndfire), Your package is on its way !!!! I had so much fun with this swap. Take Care, Rhonda
  3. Jennifer, I received my package today. Everything is beautiful. Its hard to say what I like the best, so I will have to say I love it all. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for making my first swap such a great one. Take Care, Rhonda http://s196.photobucket.com/albums/aa229/NanaBs/?action=view&current=ScarfSwap.jpg
  4. Congratulations Grandma!! Baby, as well as Mom are beautiful.....
  5. Mary Jo, it is absolutely stunning, as usual. I just love the colors. There is gonna be another very very lucky lady out there. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Those are wonderful. Please tell me what pattern you used. I wanted ot make some for my family, for starbucks cups, and have tried 4 different patterns, and I am just not getting something right, cause none of them turn out. Thanks
  7. Wow, its beautiful. Such a neat color combo. I am sure she will love it !!
  8. Very pretty, so festive looking. She will love it.
  9. Ooooh how pretty, and delicate looking. I agree, it looks like bows.
  10. mrsb_325

    My first RR..

    Beautiful !!! Love the bold colors
  11. Really pretty, she will love them.
  12. Welcome from Arkansas... Be careful, this SITE can be quite addicting!! :yes
  13. Absolutely precious, and my favorite color too.
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