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  1. My friends and I are having a Star Wars marathon and I'm working on an afghan. Match made in heaven? YES IT IS.
  2. Well, I used to be able to say that my father calls my crocheting knitting, but now he says "How is the kni-crocheting going? See! I got it right!" My grandfather calls crochet hooks needles. Sometimes, he calls them crochet needles, but usually just needles. My grandmother mentioned that she used to crochet, and he said "No, you just knitted, right?" She explained that she did both, and he said "No, you only knitted." I quickly changed the subject to something neutral...
  3. I was wondering if most people tend to do exactly as the pattern says, or if they change it around a lot? I was wondering because I'm working on this afghan and so far I've changed the type of the yarn, used different colors and different numbers, and decided I only liked two of the squares, so I am only using two and I organized a placement pattern to use instead. I'm also considering changing how thick the border between the stripes is, but I'm not sure I want to use that much more yarn, so I think I'll let that be.
  4. Well, I hope it does well for larger projects - because I am in the process of making a full-sized afghan out of exactly that yarn! I'll let you know if I run into major problems...
  5. Indeed, Darski, you are. My apologies for not replying with my thanks earlier - my computer crashed last night and I was too disgusted to bother fixing it until now. Thank you SO MUCH! Now that I see pictures that are larger than an inch square, I think I see what the pattern should be. Thank you for your kindness in helping me!
  6. Indeed. Thank you both so much! I really appreciate the help. I am also very confused because in rnd 4, it says to single crochet in every halfdouble crochet, working 2 sc in each ch-3 space - but nowhere in rnd 3 am I told to ch 3! Should I turn the last ch 2 into a ch 3? Would this make the pattern accurate and stop my square from looking like a deformed polygon of indeterminate sides?
  7. Hello! I have a LOT of trouble reading crochet patterns - but I've gotten better! - and I'm stuck on part of one. I'm working on the Mile A Minute Afghan, specifically the Petal Flower square, and for the life of me, I can't get row three right! I've tried interpreting it in different ways, substituting the abbreviations for words, charging ahead the way it says, and nothing I'm doing is making any sense or making it look even a teensy bit like the picture. Has anyone done this afghan or knows how to read patterns who could help me? I'm sorry for asking such a silly question, but I'm at my wit's end. I must have ripped out this thing over a dozen times and I have no clue what's going on with it.
  8. Well. I actually did end up going with cotton - Michaels was having a sale on the really really big "Sugar'n Cream" cotton, so I bought four of those and four standard size cotton in fun colors to spice it up. I'm actually really pleased with the yarn - I got two big white skeins, two skeins in a variegated blue, and then one bright yellow skein, one purple and green variegated skein, and two blue/white/yellow/green variegated skeins. The purple and green skein matches the couch nicely and the other variegated small skeins match the chair. We're not giving the afghan to the man, just having it as part of the furnished apartment, so I might even see it again some day! Also, the pattern. I showed my mother my favorite dozen patterns I'd picked. She did not like the flannelghan for this project, unfortunatly. We ended up agreeing on the Mile A Minute Crocheted Afghan. It is a bit girlier than some of the ones you suggested, but because of the blue, I don't think it will be TOO girly. It won't be as bright and busy as the one in the picture. Besides, if he hates it, there is plenty of closet space... http://www.allfreecrafts.com/crochet/mile-a-minute-afghan.shtml Thank you so much!
  9. Thank you all so much! I appreciate all your suggestions. Colorwise, I'm limited by my mother's choice in furniture - the great dark greens and blues would clash pretty horrifically. The couch is yellow with flowers, and the chair is yellow and green plaid. They go oddly enough with each other, I'm trying to stay as neutral as possible. I had not seen the flannelghan, and I might well do that! It looks cozy, which is one of the main things I'm going for - the man renting it is a friend of a friend, see, who only will be in it about three days every week or two. The apartment is a few blocks from a major hospital. My mother and the man have a deal where she's going to rent out the apartment to people staying at the hospital when he's not there. That's one of the reasons I'm still leaning toward the cotton: it seems nicer on sick skin, and more fun to cuddle with when you are sad or tired or worried.
  10. I don't watch TV unless I'm with someone else, but when I do, I crochet. My friend and I watch the show Supernatural. Crocheting is great because I can hold my project up to block my eyes during the scary bits!
  11. My father does that to me sometimes. "Hey! Knitting again, I see? What would you do if they banned that?" "... Not care and keep crocheting, Dad." "Ooops. I know it's crocheting, but I always say knitting. I'm a very bad parent. Anyways, what would you do if it was banned and people burned all your yarn?" "I would sit there. I would realize I had nothing to do with my hands. Then, I would go insane and start twitching and tapping and foaming at the mouth. I think murder would be next on the agenda." "Fantastic. I'll just protect your yarn, then, shall I?" Also, can I join the Underground Crocheting Squad? I would attempt to convince the Young Folks that since it was banned, the best way to fight the man is to crochet. And I would be right. And the craft would live on.
  12. I crochet at school a lot. (I'm going into my senior year at high school in August.) I crochet standing around at lunch, in down time in class, in the halls, and sometimes even during lectures. And I always end up teaching boys to crochet. Never girls. Boys will want me to show them how to do it. It is funniest when they have really large hands - the hook looks tiny!
  13. All I tend to have is the yarn and a hook. I love to have something else to do, though. Something to read/watch/listen to. (Yes, I read and crochet at the same time. It requires much usage of elbows.)
  14. I hope this is in the right part of the forums! Well. Here's the deal. I need to make an afghan for my mother, for an apartment she is renting furnished. I'm having trouble deciding what to make. I'm heading to see my grandparents on Wednesday, and I'd REALLY like to take yarn with me and get as much done as possible while I'm there. I have too many ideas! Could some of you throw your opinions out at me? Here are my considerations: 1) The person who will (usually) be renting the apartment is a man. He's tall, so it should be reasonably large. No sweet little lacy things. No pink. 2) I want it to be pretty sturdy. I want people to be able to grab it and cuddle up and actually use it - this is not a decoration. 3) I'd like for it to work up pretty quickly. No fantastic, complicated things. 4) I'd prefer it to be worked in sections - it's June. I don't want a big old blanket on my lap until I'm piecing it together. I'm (probably) going to use a creamy color for most of it - I was actually thinking of two different shades for some patterning. I will also want to stick in the green of the chair in the living room and a blue or yellow from the couch. I'm trying to decide, first of all, what kind of yarn to use. Part of me would like to do it in crochet cotton, because I like cotton better than acrylic and I don't want to spend too much on this afghan. I am also thinking of a nice, bulky acrylic, unless I can find a cotton or wool that is cheap and soft enough. Does anyone think crochet cotton would be a Very Bad Idea for a blanket? I've been looking at some patterns of individual squares and of entire blankets. Does anyone have any favorite afghan patterns that you think would fit?
  15. Hey! I am from the Triangle. Got to love North Carolina!
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