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    Married, stay at home Mom, 3 kids, 8, 4 and 2. Yes I'm busy and just a little crazy.
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    Anything I can figure out at this point!
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    March 2007
  1. Thank you! But now I think you scared me lol...... I'll give it a whirl!
  2. The mittens I'd like to make say to cast on 32 stitches over 4 needles... One of my "elves" seems to have walked of with my 5th one. Can I successfully cast them over 3 needles and have them come out the same? Haven't done anything on DPN's in forever!
  3. I am so happy to see this thread!!!! I haven't checked in here for a very long time, but I did start working the snowflake CAL either last year or the year before. I'm ready to get into a blizzard, I hope to catch up a bit!
  4. That is beautiful! I wish I had learned to crochet and knit B4 dd was born. I may just save this for when I have grandkids.... no hurry tho, My oldest isn't even 9 yet!!!
  5. Ok, this set made me go a little nuts. I haven't done any crafting in a few months. But I've found myself working on the ghost all day, thinking I had eyes downstairs. I don't... so.... I'm off to WalMart for eyes and orange, black and yellow yarn that was going to wait til tomorrow!! I think I'm losin' it..... or maybe gettin' it back!
  6. Is the turkey like a fridgie size then sewn on?
  7. Beautiful! Did you make the pattern up yourself?
  8. Thanks! I found that one about 3 minutes after I posted.... guess I was 2 clicks away!!!
  9. Do you have a pattern for the candycorn? Those are adorable!
  10. I use a large bulletin board also and put saran wrap over the top.... but I like the contact paper idea better! Still working on going to Home Depot to get some board insulation, I forget every time I'm there!
  11. Oh my goodness!!!! The last time I visited was week 17 or so! I'm on #6..... IU've been really out of it, working more hours, busy busy busy with the kids. It looks like you have found and made some beautiful flakes! I doubt I'll catch up by Christmas, but at least I know where to find a ton of flakes!!!
  12. busy bee missmax and marika.... are you the only 3 left? I'm still in a rut, but I love to check in. I miss crocheting but when I pick it up I just dont want to!!!! I think it's kid related, they want to do it with me and that doesn't work well too long! I've done 6-7, hopefully gramma will continue taking them every other weekend and I can find my mojo. Thank you for keeping this going.
  13. Hello..... I've been gone quite awhile. Weather warmed up and I went outside. Still only have 8 done but I'd love to get back into it. Any clue as to how I would get myself to WANT to crochet again? Maybe I just burnt myself out after I learned how.... I was crocheting constantly, now I really just don't want to!
  14. I have made 4. I don't think anyone could possibly be more behind!!!! I've lost my mojo lately, musta burnt myself out on crocheting while I was teaching myself last year..... I couldn't get enough of it! I'm trying really hard to want to, I ALMOST picked up my hook yesterday..... Maybe I'll get there today. Wish me luck!
  15. I think I jinxed myself.. I finally sat and did another snowflake on Sunday night, after playing outside in the sun and 52 degrees with the kids. Monday we got 5 inches of snow. Maybe my idea of working on them in the summer, outside, is not such a good one!!
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