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    I'm new to crocheting
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    I'm still new.
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  1. Wow, this is an amazing doily. It's so perfect. Absolutely beautiful.
  2. Welcome from Queens, NY
  3. Thank you for all the great comments. I didn't really use a pattern, I made the chain as long as I needed (the number of chains needs to divide by 3), then I just switched the colors after each three dc. FYI: Switch to the new color when you are pulling through the last two loops of the third dc.
  4. I did these for a friend's new house, it was my first try at using two colors simultaneously. Thanks for looking,
  5. Welcome, I'm pretty new to crocheting as well.
  6. Hi everyone, I have attempted a few doilies now and I can't seem to get them to come out properly. After a certain amount of rows they all start getting wavy. I have double checked that I follow the patterns but just can't get them to not be wavy. Could anyone think of why it is doing that? I'm pretty new to crocheting, but wold love to finish a doily that is presentable. Thank you for your help.
  7. Welcome, I'm new to crocheting as well. Have fun with it.
  8. I love that bag and would love to make it. Your other items are very nice as well. Thank you for sharing.
  9. I didn't really follow a pattern. I basically just crochet in sc, increasing every other row till my desired size and then I just kept the amount of stitches till the height was good. I then made four holes in the back and front (to pass the straps through) and added three more rows of sc. The strap, I made by making the chain as long as I needed and then sc one row on the back of the chain. I sewed the straps to the bottom of the bag. I also put a CD disc onto the bottom of the bag to keep it's round shape. I hope this helps you.
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