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    I'm visually impaired, live with my Mum who is a sweetie & make crocheted blankets for charity!
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    Scotland, UK
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    Crochet, Crochet & Crochet (Oh & I Read Lots Of Audio Books Too!)
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    Granny Squares (Big or Small) For Blankets
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    Many Years
  1. That looks wonderful so far great way to use up scraps and get something really gorgeous at the end of it!
  2. What a great idea/pattern I have printed the details and see if I can manage the pattern. I don't think I can manage a CAL right now but good luck to everyone it looks like lots of fun!
  3. I had to stop by and say well done on your totals for the charity CAL! I hope you are feeling better Nicole and I might catch you all again in a few months when life is on a more even keel for me! Take care everyone and happy crocheting!
  4. I don't think I am going to make it this month after all! Sorry I hope you all have lots of fun this weekend!
  5. It looks like we are going to be a big group this month!:clap:clap
  6. Hi Everyone! Welcome to the new people it is lovely to see new faces along with old friends! Thank goodness this CAL is this weekend! All my crochet related get up and go... just got up and went :thinkand I have been looking for it ever since! I have no idea what I am going to make:crocheting but I will definitely be here! Thanks Nicole!
  7. I know it is early for August dates to be posted... but are we going ahead this month and will it be next weekend or the weekend after! I need something to look forward to as I am feeling a bit down this month! I know I am fed up when even my crochet looks blue...and not because I am using blue yarn either!!!
  8. I missed the pictures of these3 sets last month Daisy!:thinkThey are very pretty preemie sets. I love the centre motif on your white with blue trim set...lovely!
  9. I got the pink and yellow pram blanket from my list finished you can see it here!
  10. What a gorgeous blanket! I love sunflowers!
  11. I'm sorry I am not up to trying this right now. I don't have the time, the skills or the inspiration at the moment! :thinkBut I will cheer others along when you all get going and maybe I will join in later!
  12. I hope you get your mojo back Faith :hookand good luck with closet cleaning in that heat! The last three weeks of your holiday from studying will go so fast you will be back at it in no time:eek...but I am sure it will be worth it when it comes to getting yourself a good job. :clapYou are amazing going to college full time with three children! I have finished a pram blanket in pink and yellow and made some six inch granny squares but I don't have pictures yet. I have also frogged 4 projects for the yarn which shortened my list a bit! :DI decided I was sick of making self patterning yarn into scarves and my Mum and I don't need a bag for anything so I sat with scissors (and my MP3 player for comfort) the other night and FROGGED!!! Sometimes ripping things out is kind of fun!!!
  13. I got two more scarves made. These two are from some scrap fur wool granny squares! You can see them here!
  14. :cheer:cheer Well done to everyone for getting so much done already this month! I finished my blue and green corner square blanket (I only needed to add some bordering rows and edge it with my latch hook wools/hook which made a change yesterday!) I am quite pleased with it as I don't often make boy's blankets that I am happy with:think Anyway it is here! I hope everyone has a great weekend!
  15. This is lovely! I love crocheted garmets because I know I could never in a million years make any! So sweet for a baby girl! Also it is nice to see a fellow UKer *waves hello*
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