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    single mom who loves to crochet
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    Health Care Department Manager
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    a long time!
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    Baby blankets, afghans
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  1. Howdy and welcome from a neighbor about 40 miles away.
  2. That is STUNNING!!!! I so very much love:manyheart vibrant colors. You did a wonderful job on that one!
  3. So very pretty as always. These are my eldest son's colors. He always wants blue and aqua. So very sweet of you to make and give these away. I couldn't honestly say which one would be my favorite.
  4. What a very sweet thing for him to do!!! As I got to last of your post, I actually was misty eyed. You are truly blessed to have him. Hugs to him!
  5. Is there anywhere else that I can find the pattern? I don't like Ravelry (I know..gasp) so I can't see the pattern.
  6. Very pretty and classy looking. How do you "close" it? Clasp, button, tie it ..?
  7. Annie's Free Pattern of the Day, Attic24 (blog) and my wonderful Crochetville!
  8. They are all beautiful but wow, wow and wow! I love the bright neon colored one! That one is too pretty!
  9. Oh my goodness, they are beautiful! The colored one is just gorgeous!
  10. As long as I have crocheted, I still up the size of my hook in my starting chain. If I am going to use a H hook for the project, I chain with an I. If it is still too tight, try the next size up.
  11. Oh, they're gorgeous! Your mom and sisters are going to love them! Lucky ladies.
  12. Greetings and a very warm HELLO from central Illinois!
  13. Oh my! That is just beautiful. Do you need a second mom?
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