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  1. The prize yarn arrived. It is a very pretty color. Trying to decide what to use it for. Thank you very much. ANkh
  2. http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/size-chart.html
  3. moogly and the crochet crowd are both good
  4. no worries whenever you get it sent out is fine. We started the last leg of our performance tour today so I wont be back in the states until this weekend anyway. I adapted a pattern slightly that I found on ravelry for the coasters as I wasnt impressed with how they made the rind and white between the sections. The owl was also a ravelry find. I ended up choosing to use dmc floss and not do the stuffing thing.
  5. Surprisingly enough I did we visited the Prague Castle area and In the royal garden there were birds of prey, still not sure why there were birds of prey but there were. Cyndi I am glad you got your package and that your son liked his gifts as well. I was started to get worried as I tried tracking the package and kept getting the message that it couldn't be found.
  6. I found owls and have foudn a few of the optionals as well.
  7. the birds wont come close enough to visit. there are normally 10 or 11 varieties in the woods behind my apt because I needed one yesterday I couldn't find one or get one to come visit
  8. Thanks Tiffer sorry it took me so long to get this photo posted purple sparkly hook case is at home but there is one.
  9. I had another angel package arrive with more softies and notecards and an owl trinket holder and a new sparkly purple hook case. I keep forgettnig to bring it with me to photograph and post. But thank you tiffer very much I like sparkly things verrrrrrry much especially when they are purple.
  10. I personally prefer wools. tried cottons and it was disastrous. I do though use drop spindles
  11. :woohoo Teresa I got my package and got lots of really cool things including a book that I have been coveting for months Doing the happy dance from my chair I got a crocheted hot pad purple/ white skeins of yarn cotton yarn alumnium hooks avian charms applique amethyst flowers( will go great with a quilt I am working on right now) buttons amethyst yarn bobbins art pencils amphibian cross stitch notebook necco wafers nut chocolate bar needles necklace new book(Zenspirations) [/url]">http:// NiYa
  12. oooh must go visit my family just got notice my package arrived woohoo. angel for your kindness now to go open my package and it has been a day so I need some happy
  13. I'm glad you liked it. Did you find the gift hidden in the dark pink yarn I have been playing alot with clay and made it for you
  14. are there specific states you are looking for tat you havent gotten responses about yet.
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