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  1. For those new to knitting, dishcloths are the best way to learn (IMHO). This site can give you lots of ideas and insights http://rachelsknittingcorner.blogspot.com/
  2. So nice to wander in here, shed the coat, gloves and hat. I see the tropical trees from the window with the sun beams covering the ground with warmth. We need a changing room to get to our shorts and flip flops. Snow piled up so high that the dog is desperate and can't find her way. I shoveled a path on the porch and did the steps. She got to the bottom and ran right back in the house so if you all don't mind, can she come in here too? I have 2 little kittens that we recued in July lying on me to keep warm. For some reason the heat is not working. Guess the oil lines froze. DH is snug in his bed and has not a clue that we are freezing. Thank goodness for electric heaters. The laptop is keeping my legs warm too! Sure hope we don't lose our electric cause these batteries won't last forever. You all don't know how nice it was to come in here, get some coffee and donuts and just relax and listen to you all chat. Loved the pics and the patterns. SS Amy about the TP problem but I may need you to put the scraps in a box and mail them to me, haha! You all have a wonderful day here relaxing and crafting and since I have been working so hard lately, I just may join you all and work on some of those projects that I just haven't had time to work on.
  3. Wow, I am impressed with the pics I have seen so far. I started this pattern for the knit sweater 2 years ago and all I have to do is add the neck band and buttons. It is a very heavy sweater and easy to do if you take your time. I didn't know Lion came out with the crochet version. I would love to make a pillow with this pattern with all your inspirations but I guess I should finish the sweater first, lol. Great job all!
  4. All I can say is "OMGosh" how touching.
  5. That turned out wonderful. That purse is on my todo list.
  6. They are very pretty, thank you for sharing!
  7. Very pretty! I bought the wire but never tried to do it yet. You give me inspiration.
  8. I'm on my way to Georgia now! I should be there by tomorrow. Great find.
  9. Now that is just too cute. It would make me laugh every time I used it.
  10. You should be very proud of this, great job!
  11. Linda - oh how funny, I would have thought the same thing, more yarn for me! Well maybe there will be some leftovers. appy lover - I had seen patterns for cloths using #10 thread and was thinking about trying it because I agree with Carla. Sometimes the cloths are bigger than I want so I use them for the counter and table and then the round spiral scrubbies for my dishes. Guess I need to find my thread pattern!
  12. Here are some links for free downloads I had gotten to make my niece for christmas but I haven't made them yet. amigurumiparadise.com has a very cute Mr and Mrs Egghead beansproutcreations.com has lots of food patterns homeschoolblogger.com/Dee/582317 has a cute hamberger pattern
  13. Nice socks! I can't imagine having beads in my shoes either. I like your idea better, lol.
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