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    Mom to Avery and Adam, was a teacher, wife of a firefighter, and I love animals.
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    knitting, crocheting, designing, paper crafts, cardmaking, reading, movies, and camping
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    baby sweaters, blankets, doll clothes
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  1. Thanks for the replies. For my first step I am going to make the neck opening 2 inches wider as she wants it loose on her neck. Then I will add a few increases in the front half of the cowl and add a few more rows and see how that goes. Guess it will be trial and error. At least it won't be too much to rip out if needed to try again. Thanks and if anyone has any more ideas I'm listening :-)
  2. Hi. A friend asked me to make a poncho with a really long draping cowl neck. I found a poncho on the LionBrand site that she likes the shape of but wants the cowl to drape much more. The LionBrand pattern has a straight tube for the cowl, would I increase stitches all the way around or increase more stitches in the front half of the cowl so the back doesn't get too bunchy? Thanks for any advice!
  3. Just bought a new house...trying to get some money and reduce the amount we have to move :-) Prices listed plus add shipping based on your zip.. Chenille $5 a pound....have cones of off-white, thick fluffy white, burgundy, dark green, and grayish green Balls of fall variegated, light tan, chocolate brown, light sage green.... Booklets- $2.50 each or $15 for all 7 booklets Other craft supplies- magnet and pins $4 Thanks!
  4. Hi. I would greatly appreciate if you would check for me. Please let me know....thanks!!!
  5. Hi. The last picture you can see the burgundy strand hanging.....most are very thin like that. I like to double strand the burgundy, off-white, light sage, brown, and grayish-green. The light tan, the green/brown variegated, the dark green cone are a little thicker, and the fluffy white is very thick, but I just got an order for that and I'm not sure if I have more of that. Let me know if you want some. Thanks!
  6. bump.....mix and match any colors you want.....$4 per pound!!!
  7. reduced prices. Wonderful chenille for so many projects!! :-)
  8. bump....this is wonderful chenille.....I make lots of shawls and hats with it...great for blankets and clothing too. Great price for the amount you get! Will combine boxes to save on shipping.
  9. Clearing out a closet....need to sell. Beautiful chenille. I have cones of green, burgundy, off-white, and a grayish-green. I have balls of chocolate brown, dark brown, light sage green, a beautiful fall shaded variegated green, and light tan. I also have large hanks of these last colors listed. I really need it gone so I am going to price it at $4 a pound! Amazing price for chenille. Let me know what colors and approx how much of each you want----cones are approx 2 lbs and some hanks are 2 lbs and some are 4 lbs.....and the balls are around 6 oz. Plus shipping.
  10. I added my last two race cars I did last year...they are in the first post :-)
  11. Hi! This etsy listing is about to expire so I am reducing the price for a short time....If you need a great, easy shawl pattern this is for you! https://www.etsy.com/listing/53040997/v-stitch-shawl-pattern
  12. Hi! I have some etsy listings about to expire so reduced the price on some of my popular patterns....enjoy! https://www.etsy.com/listing/90018656/crochet-sweet-dreams-hexagon-blanket
  13. Hi! I have a couple etsy listings about to expire so I reduced the price for those that may have been interested....now is the perfect time! :-) Lemon Drop Sundress and Hat for 18" type doll https://www.etsy.com/listing/89467247/pattern-lemon-drop-sundress-and-hat-18
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