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    Mom to Avery and Adam, was a teacher, wife of a firefighter, and I love animals.
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    Rhode Island
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    knitting, crocheting, designing, paper crafts, cardmaking, reading, movies, and camping
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    owner, Alchemyfyr Designs Jewelry and Crochet
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    baby sweaters, blankets, doll clothes
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  1. I'm a bit tired from crocheting and knitting with all the items I made for Christmas gifts.... dress and bear for my niece, sweater and caterpillar for my nephew, cardigan and bear for my daughter, Branching Out leaf scarf for my MIL (very tedious knitting project although it was beautiful!), socks for myself, dishcloths for my mom and MIL, and I'm sure a few other things. I recently started a knitted scarf for myself and it was going fine until today......I keep making mistakes in the pattern and don't realize it until a few rows later and then have to tink back all those rows to fix it. Wi
  2. My stash grew by over 120 skeins two months ago when Joanns had a huge clearance sale. I have 4 dresser drawers filled to the top, a small bin under the bed, and about 5 bags completely filled with yarn hiding in the closet as well as various wips around the house. My husband doesn't realize how much I have, but he still brings me home coupons from the newspaper at work since we don't get it anymore....so that to me says he doesn't mind if I buy more, lol.
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