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  1. Thanks to everyone who checked out their local HL for me! I actually got a call this morning from a store close by (sort of) that they had gotten an order in and had 5 skeins set aside for me. I promptly went in and picked it up...as well as cleaning them out of every other skein of the same color I could get my hands on!!! Who knows when I'll need it again!
  2. Thanks everyone...I actually did register my email addy to be notified when it is available...but after being told in the store that they don't make it anymore...I'm not holding out much hope. I did find one more store in my area that I'm going to hit up on my way home from work tonight. Wish me luck!
  3. I am about half way finished with MY round ripple (finally...something I get to keep!), and realized that the 3 extra skeins of blue I picked up this week-end are not the same color I started with!!! I have checked with every Hobby Lobby in my area and found out at the last one that they do not make it anymore? But I'm really not that confident...since the guy that was looking up the info for me had quite a bit of trouble doing so. Anyway...I'm in need of at minimum 3 skeins of color #320, called 'Sea Blue'. I really need about 5 skeins....but I'll take whatever anyone can find for me!!!! I'm happy to send the $$ for the yarn as well as shipping if anyone can get their hands on this color for me! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Kimberly.....you'd be doing me a great service if you took some of my stash off my hands!!! And I'm sure my hubby would appreciate it as well! PM me your addy and I'll get some off to you this week-end! No postage is necessary! Always happy to help an addict in training!!!
  5. Quick note to everyone who asked.....I used Caron pounders in Off White for the solid and Caron Rainbow Tones in "Natural Tones" for the varigated. It took a little under 3 skeins of the off white and 4 skeins of the varigated. I also held 2 strands together and used a P hook. I didn't have time to measure the finished RR, but it covered the top of the queen sized bed in my guest room, so it was pretty big! Thanks for all the wonderful comments! And yes...Grandma Aggie Mae...I have learned my lesson the hard way....I now crochet over my ends!!!
  6. I finished this RR from Aggie May's pattern...it turned out beautifully. It was a Christmas gift for my aunt and uncle. I tucked the last ends in as were were driving to my Mom's house on Christmas afternoon!! I just finished downloading Christmas pics from my camera!!! Thanks for sharing sucha simple and beautiful pattern Colleen!!
  7. THANK YOU!!THANK YOU!! to my wonderful NY elf for my belated Christmas surprise!! I just love the little ami mouse and bird...they're already on my desk at work. The felted hook case is beautiful and the socks are so cute! Thanks again! It was really nice to see a package amoung the bills!!!
  8. Didn't get any hooking done last week (well....not enough in my opinion!), but this week I've been hooking away. Finished 2 reg skeins of blue, 1 reg skein of blk, a blk pounder, and I'm halfway thru another skein of blue! Yea!!! Sooo....9 points for me!!!
  9. Well ...I've had a wake up call.....kind of...... Last night I was working on a project, adn needed a certain color...I knew I had purchased several months ago. So...I went stash diving. And I realized that I have waaaay to much yarn...some of which I have no intention of ever using on anything in particular. I did eventually find the skein I was looking for.....at the bottom of one of my totes. So...I guess it's time for me to see if I can do a little stash busting in 2008. I have 2 scrap 'ghans going right now, so I should be able to get some stash out.....if only I could finish up the last 2 Chrsitmas gifts! So...I'm in!
  10. I am soooo burnt out on crocheting! I had a plan in place this year that would have had me finished with all of my gifts 2 weeks early. But do to a back injury that left me flat for about a week...and unable to sit for extended periods for another 2 weeks...I was up till about 2am Christmas Eve, then up again at 6am Christmas morning finishing gifts. But I did finish! 2 huge round ripples, 4 hats, 4 scarves, and 2 baby blankets!!! Next year I plan on starting in July to allow for any setbacks. I do not want to even look at my hooks right now. And the worst part is, I didn't finish DH's 'ghan. I told him he'd get his gift next time he's home (he's a trucker). Now I'm not so sure!!!
  11. I just wanted to say to all the wonderful elves who have sent me recipies and beautiful Christmas cards! I apologize for the lateness of the thank yous...but I've been pretty much flat on my back (when I haven't been caring for my son!) due to nerve damage in my back from a lumbar puncture. I'm doing much better now...still moving slowly...but I'm moving! Now I'm frantically trying to finish up Christmas gifts! And lauging my fool head off at some of the 'work' I thought I had gotten done while I was on the pain meds for my back! I should never ever crochet while taking pain meds!!! Thank you again to all my elves!!!!
  12. Thanks to my recipie elf! I love spinach!!! I can't wait to try it!
  13. Yea! Holiday season! I love this time of year! (Even though I procrastinated again and I've only got 5 weeks to finish up gifts! ) This year will be rough for my family...we lost my MIL in July....so it will be our first Christmas without her. She was a very special person and is very much missed. I've already seen so many wishes I can grant! It's going to be hard to narrow it down to a reasonable few! I wish I could grand one for everyone! My list: Everyone to be with your loved ones for the holiday season. Donate a toy/clothing/food to a child or family in need this holiday season. Check with your local schools/daycares if you don't know where to start. My MIL was a teacher for 30 years and this is something that was very dear to her heart each holiday season. Pokeman cards for my 5 year old...he loves getting mail! an edgerydoo a felted hook case made by you a crocheted totebag or a purse made by you lighted crochet hook (i use H, I and J the most) I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby, any colors(I Love That Yarn!) amigurami animals for my desk at work christmas cards from you Thanks!!! I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season!!!
  14. Thank You Jennifer!!!! You saved me a trip!
  15. I'm hoping that I can get some help from someone here!! And I hope that I'm allowed to ask the question I need to! Admin: Feel free to delet if my question is inappropriate! I have the SnB HH book at home (I'm at work), and am planning on making the Seija baby set for a co-worker who is....well....was due in December. Her doctor has dec'd to induce her next week!!! Soooo...I'm in a bind.....I need to stop on my way home to grab yarn for the project, but I need to know what to buy! Would some kind soul pm me the amounts/colors (I remember it was pink...which I'm changing to blue, brown and cream...I think)/types of yarn needed so I can stop on my way home and not have to make a second trip out??? :hugI would really appreciate it!!!
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