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  1. I love my set too! I am using it for my 25 items for charity. Hats work up in an evening and are super warm. I made a scarf on it also but will probably stick with crochet for the scarves. I think they are a good investment. I paid 30 to have a wooden one made for me and I bought the KK set.....
  2. Just checking in....4 hats and a scarf done so far.....Sunday night has become "hat night" for me.
  3. I just received my loop and lace patterns. It looks pretty simple when you see the pics. I got mine off of Ebay for 2.00 apiece. If you are interested in this method, I would highly recommend the booklets! I would be interested in other ways to join the strips if anyone has any ideas!
  4. I have ordered 3 mam loop and lace pattern books. Although they are Annie's Attic, I didn't order them from there. Maybe we can get the directions from those. I am so excited to have a better way to finish mam.
  5. I really like to do mile a minutes. I have done 3 of them so far and have purchased about a gazillion patterns for them for the future. I even purchased the mam tablerunner and placemat book today. I am really interested in this thread as I would like a faster, nicer looking joining method. I have single crocheted the first three after having no luck with the whipstitch methods. It is ok but there has to be something better than what I am doing....
  6. Is there anywhere to get more info on the loop n lace way of joining strips? It sounds great but I can't find pics or directions anywhere when I do a search. Thanks!
  7. teri

    Mobius question

    I just use scarf patterns to the length I want. Do the twist and single crochet the ends together. I have made several and plan on making several more for family and myself in different colors. I love mobius scarves. Good luck!
  8. I am a new hooker and didn't have any problems with this pattern. I used three strands of the same color. IMHO that was too thick. If I make it again I would only use two. I used a maroon color so it wouldn't show up too well in a pic. Oh, and I didn't put the fringe on. I'm not big into fringe. I just single crocheted around the edges. Good luck!
  9. teri

    Crochet Camp

    Kansa City anyone? I would be willing to organize or help organize as long as everyone is prepared for simple. I am thinking ....bringing the projects we are working on, snacks , having lunch and questions for each other. Maybe later we could evolve into an overniter like the scrapbookers and quilters.
  10. I have completed 7 squares and I started on #8. I had to frog it as it didn't look right. I will try again tonight. I hope slow and steady really does win the race!
  11. teri

    Crochet Camp

    My grown daughters just got back from scrapbooking camp and a friend of my goes to quilting camp alot. It got me wondering, is there such a thing as crochet camp?
  12. I'm in KCK...near the new speedway!
  13. Nope, that's not it. It is more open work and done shades of blue, light blue and white. I checked Crochet Central and it isn't there either. Oh to be so experienced that I could just look at it and know how to do it. It is sooo pretty!
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