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  1. that is a lovely bag and i am going to make one too.
  2. mercy7

    leg warmers

    thank you very much ladies and yes the socks i did were an easy pattern as some are not so easy and i made some fingerless mittens last year too. i have now finished the second pair of leg warmers but adapted the pattern and they come just over the kneee
  3. http://www.cbel.com/crochet_crafts/
  4. mercy7

    leg warmers

    the legwarmers pattern i made is the better pattern as they fit better around the knee area . i started another pattern and it gets so wide and baggy that i need to find a way to bring it back in when i get it long enough. i know which pattern i will do the next time round. hope your legwarmers come out good too. i look forward to seeing them on here ladies
  5. you can make lacy leg warmers dot has a pattern for them and they are pretty.
  6. mercy7


    My neighbour is making one from a big granny square and she is still making it. saves sewing lots of squares together at the end.
  7. mercy7

    leg warmers

    :thankyou mimi so glad you came back and found the patterns too pinkroses. they will keep your legs cosy warm. last year i made some socks which are very warm as well.
  8. mercy7

    leg warmers

    ok friends i now have the link for the leg warmers for you all. they are stretchy as you work in back loops and that gives the stretchy feel to them. and they are bigger stitches at the top part. http://www.headwaterwool.com/webstore/Catalog/HW/Patterns/CodeOnly/PATT-LEGW-002-C.pdf have fun and enjoy making these. i look forward to seeing your finished leg warmers too.
  9. WOW wonderful and what a great pattern you did a great job with it and improvising too very impressed.
  10. What lovely patterns you have very good
  11. mercy7

    leg warmers

    Thank you all for your compliments. they are lovely and warm and a snug fit too. i will look for the site i got the pattern from and post the link in here for those of you who want it. i have to say that the pattern says to sc in 3rd stitch from hook which includes the one on hook. i found that even sc in 2nd stitch from hook still made it reduce in numbers so i did the first sc in the first stitch and they came out great.
  12. mercy7

    leg warmers

    i have just finished making my leg warmers ready for the cold weather this year. they worked out better than the pair i tried to make once before.
  14. TRY THIS SITE http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/snowflakes.php
  15. HEIDI and glad to know crochet has taken off for you in this special way. wow you have made a lot
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