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  1. i have gotten white size 30 thread at A.C. Moore
  2. I like PC stitch. it is a cross stitch program but it will works well for crochet graphs.
  3. Annies Attic has a couple for sale. here is one that i made and was very easy http://www.anniesattic.com/crochet/detail.html?prod_id=81314&cat_id=899
  4. If you don't like to take meds talk to a chiropractor (s)he may be able to help with out meds. My thumb where it conects to the wrist started to hurt and my chiropractor was able to help me out with meds. It took a couple of month to get the tendons to relax again but I know if I gone to my PCP she would have given me meds for the pain and I hate pills.
  5. DH = Dear Husband DD = Dear Daughter DS = Dear Son HH not sure but I think there is a thread that will explain everthing. I will try to find it for you
  6. never mind just found what i was looking for
  7. Did you ask at Michaels if they would order you what you need. I once needed a large amount of size 20 thread and A.C. Moore order the thread for me. IF Michaels can order it for you, you can aviod shipping fees at annies attic.
  8. could it be this http://www.loopweaving.com/ I have the ebok printed out but haven't tried it yet.
  9. Thank you all i was thinking it would be easier to work it top to bottom as that is the shorter side. but when you look at the graph row 1 and 2 are marked as if you are working the piece left to right. i was hoping that was a misprint but wasn't sure.
  10. I recieved my issue of Crochet World a couple days ago and I am try to make the "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town" runner (it is on page 22). I am very confused. by looking at the graph I should be working the runner right to left (294 squares), but it you read the direction it only has you chain 188. This would equal the 60 squares time 3 plus 8 chairs for the beg sp) that is top to bottom. Can someone that has this issues take a look at it and see if I am just reading to wrong? Now it would probly be easier to work the runner top to bottom instead on right to left, but would that look wierd. All the filet peices that I have done have been worked from right to left. Thank you for you help
  11. do you happen to have a link to the board you received. I have been looking for one but no place around my sells it
  12. Apache Tear http://www.free-crochet-pattern.com/Freepatterns.asp Navajo http://www.******/crochet/images/navindmulcolpic1-1.jpg broom stitch Although it's known as other names depending upon where you are in the U.S. and various parts of the world, Broomstick (lace) is a series of crochet stitches created with a regular crochet hook over the stick of a broom (thus the name), or over the end of a knitting needle or other tubular device. (this info from http://www.smartcatstudios.com/techniques.html) I hope this helps. I think this is the info you want. they all look to be diffent types of stitches
  13. I did a google search on Pottie peekers and found this sight http://www.antiqbook.com/boox/comf/15150.shtml it shows Crochet World, Vol 15 No 2 has the cow pattern hope this help some
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