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    Im married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.
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    CROCHETING is first....but i do all kinds of crafts.
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    Intensive care nurse
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    I love to make potholders.
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    since 1970
  1. It's very easy to work with and they have great colors.
  2. Thanks everyone. I'm hooked on these with all of you now. I've started another one. hehe.
  3. This is my first RR. I've bee finished with it for a while, but I entered it into our fair and won an honerable mention. I was very excited. All of you on crochetville are my inspirition.
  4. I'm crocheting all my own dish towels along with my dishcloths as sets. They are working out really nice. Could never hurt to try.
  5. Im not sure what the count is on my yarn, but I know I have 6 bins full, 2 bins in the basement and prolly half a bin next to my chair where I work. And I'm constantly adding to my collection. I think I'm addicted too....hehe
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