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  1. I delivered the comfortghan and lapghan to Keesha today! & I had a wonderful visit with her and her family! Thanks for having me Keesha! Here are the photos you all have been waiting for
  2. I made this for my friends birthday. I didn't use a pattern.
  3. I crochet them together.... using a "join as you go technique" kind of like this It seems like it took me forever. LOL Thanks!
  4. Check out my blog... there is a photo of the smaller blanket
  5. I completed these this weekend! Now just have to deliver !
  6. I am finishing these up (weaving end on the small one this weekend) and hopefull getting them delivered this week. I want to get them out ASAP I just have to make arrangements with the recipient . Thanks for all of the help. I will post photos after delivery !!
  7. Very pretty! Love the colors... nice and cheerful!
  8. Beautiful as always..... you are amazing!
  9. Amazing.... my daughter would squeal with delight if she saw this! Great colors!
  10. I think it looks pretty cool!
  11. Nice work... mine been on hold for about a year. I was looking at it last night... maybe I'll pick it up again.
  12. Nice work... I love the warm colors. I bet it's nice and fluffy!
  13. I whipped stitched my together (down a few posts) I had to do it that way because some of my squares came out an awkward shape..... so I forced them into submission with some creative whipstitching
  14. I think this sounds like a great idea...... now only to find a pattern!
  15. Happy Holidays a little late to everyone! It's been crazy busy here, just wanted to let you know that I have assembled the first project, an afghan of queen size proportion. I have started to assemble the lapghan, then I will weave ends in on both. I am think maybe another week or so. I will post photos when both are finished and ready to deliver! Hugs, Candy:hug
  16. I have some envies I need to go through. Sorry I'm a little behind, my mom had hip replacement this week, and I have been driving back and forth to Tucson to see her, and keep Dad company when possible. She came home this afternoon, so hopefully I can catch up on posts in the next day or so and finish assembly while I am taking care of her this week. I will update as soon as I can.... and just want to thank you all again for your help. I think I am okay on squares :-)
  17. I got it today!! thanks, it's really pretty
  18. Yes!!! They arrived, but I think I posted to you in one of the other groups we are in together I will update the first post later. Sorry hun! Thanks for the great squares!
  19. Sorry hun!! I didn't see the post asking about the postage 5 stamps should be more than enough for two squares. Thanks!!!
  20. I received you envie in yesterdays mail Thanks!!! very nice squares. I am getting up there in the square count. I am going to lay them out tonight and see how we are looking!
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