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    Mom of 8, 3 with 2 legs and 5 with 4 legs, wonderfully devoted to hubby of 3 years Halloween.
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  1. Maybe we could get together and send Texas some of the predicted snow. But I will let you keep all the rodents and snakes, Welcome from Iowa, Tonya
  2. http://home.inreach.com/marthac/chris.html has some patterns for Christmas trees, wasn't sure if there was really any way to make them into hats, but they are crochet. I figured it would be a start. Tonya
  3. Lop sided or not, it turned out beautifully. Tonya
  4. Personally I think she is adorable. My mom made us, my sister and I , something like that, only she used white tube socks and cut them down, gave her 'fat' braids and legs, and embroidered a face on it. They work great for holding barettes, hair clips and stuff like that. Tonya
  5. That is absolutely adorable. Tonya
  6. Your collar is very beautiful.. As far as how long to make the dress. Maybe they started making the thing as soon as the child was born. That would be about how long it would take me to make one. 18 years or so.
  7. Unfortunately I cannot even begin to take credit for the shawl for my sis. It is a pattern from Crochet Pattern Central, called Ombree Shawl. I liked it so much I am making a second one now for a friend. I have so many people that want that one. It was a royal pain to make, change color every row or two. Glad when it was finished, but am always a glutton for punishment. Tonya
  8. I finally got my shawl done, fringed and photographed so I figured I'd share. No idea what to call this thing...hopefully not what I was saying while I was making it and trying to get the cats to leave me alone with three strands going at once. I am new to posting pictures so I posted it at my blog instead... http://tdobbs.blogspot.com/2005/11/finished-shawl.html sometimes that still gets the best of me too. Tonya
  9. Wow, aren't we all just the most defensive group I at one point and time had a crocheted potholder, made by an elderly lady who was blind, or close to it. I LOVED that thing. My son threw it away, broke my heart . She made them for everyone that walked by her room. However there are some tacky crocheted items...go to Wal-Mart and look at their lovers knot crocheted ponchos. People actually buy those horrible things. Granted I would charge more than what they are, but I wouldn't use the itchiest yarn I could find either. Guess I am lucky that I live in a small rural Iowa town. I make stuff for my mom all the time, she wears it to church and all of a sudden everyone wants one too. If you want to send the church a "donation" of potholders let me know...I'll send them some. I'll even be nice and remove the cat hair from them. That will be in a different box .
  10. cat_haven


    Cute, both of them. Avitar looks good.
  11. Let me put my hook down so I can give them "quality craft" right up side the head. Tonya
  12. Up and running finally. http://tdobbs.blogspot.com/Tonya
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