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    official crochetaholic!
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    brinkley, arkansas
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    "every" craft is free game!!
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    disabled from auto accident, former nurse & cosmetologist
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    1973, (since i was about 9)

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  1. My husband would love it!!! Nice job 🌹
  2. Anyone have & willing to part with doris chan pattern for "over the top" shirt pattern? It's printed in now cancelled "crochet 1-2-3", issue 5",
  3. Redheart has an easy one that I've used for years
  4. You couldn't go wrong with "chocolate " & "fudge" in the same sentence!! 😀 Love it!!!
  5. Great job! I made the same one for a friend fighting cancer
  6. Congratulations & welcome to the club!!!
  7. Another beautiful job well done!!!! I am so enjoying my July tote & gifts!!
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