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    crochet, quilting, collage, atc's, and art in general
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    purses, afghans
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    I've been crocheting since I was about 10 years old
  1. Nikkidear, If you made it to Stitches West, what did you think? I really didn't much crochet. Thought I might get some inspiration or ideas. I did stop by the Stitch Diva booth, and picked up a pattern. And of course I did purchase some yarn. It was fun to see all that yarn in one place.
  2. I will be there on Sunday too. I hope it doesn't rain, makes for an ugly commute.
  3. amzi

    Baktus scarf

    Has anyone mada a crochet version of the baktus scarf? Would like to see your version, or suggestions for making one. Thank you
  4. Wow, it is very beautiful!!
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