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  1. Thank you Thank you so much I am getting stuff around to start. Salli in MI
  2. I finished alll three of mine I will send pictures as soon as possible. Salli
  3. I am back to crocheting. Now I have to fly with it. Salli:cheer
  4. Well I had to stop at mine. I ran out of yarn because my husband is laid off and I have to purchase around unemployment and bills. But I got enough yarn to finish 1 out of the three I am doing. The one that say it is big did you do a adult or child? Red heart or the other pattern? Got to get yarn for purple and red. But now that I am doing the pink again I should be done in a few days.
  5. I am still working on mine. I have gotten sick and have not worked on it for a bit but I am back at it and working on the pink one since it needs to be in the mail first. But when I run out of yarn I work on the other two. I love the one with the picture. It is cool to see how it turned out. Salli In MI
  6. I am about half way on my red one but between my son getting sick and then me I had to take a break. I hope tomorrow to get back with it. Purple and pink to go. Salli in MI
  7. That is the one on red heart website I am over 20 rows now. and the other one is 21 because I ran out of red yarn I started the purple one. Now I have some more yarn. Salli http://redheart.com/FreePatterns/tab...nid=LW1838.pdf
  8. I went to walmart and got it off the free crochet section. They have a bunch of patterns some where in the craft department. Ours moved so I had to ask where they moved it too. Salli
  9. Good I will not be the only one. I have to do a red one for a boy and two for girls one pink and one purple. Only one will be a surprise. It is hard to do things with kids present. At least we can help each other. I am using the super saver red heart yarn for mine. Thanks for joining me. Salli in MI
  10. Who wants to join me in crocheting a wrap snuggie. I have to have 3 made by Christmas. I got the patter from Wal-mart but there is a simular one on line but I am doing the one from Wal-mart because it looked bigger. So who wants to join me.
  11. Hello everyone I have not been able to post because of my husband having a heartattack and my daughter having surgery. But I have completed two round ripples. Since July 3rd. Salli
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