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    cooking, gardening....oh, and crocheting :)
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  1. OOooo! Especially love the patchwork!
  2. Oooh....scrumptious! Beautiful job.
  3. Thank you. It's my own design.
  4. Here's a little tote I designed that can be made in one day, is just the right size for carrying the 'essentials' and fits the latest fashion trend.
  5. Loxodrome: a spherical spiral. My interpretation: (clickable pics)
  6. Lil Nana

    Brothers afghan

    Ellen, your afghan is superb.....the simplicity & colors are just right for a 'manly' afghan. Well done!! And.... to the community! I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  7. Very classy. Love your colors. Well done!!
  8. Very nice! Also, I enjoyed the slide show on your blog. You've done some beautiful afghans. Good job.
  9. My fave is April Showers. Love the yarns you used. Well done!
  10. Well done, Zan!! A very handsome vest.
  11. Handsome sweater for a handsome husband Great job, Fernanda!!
  12. It's absolutely gorgeous! Very well done!!
  13. Beautiful hats! Best wishes for your sister's recovery.
  14. to the community I like the pink accent on the hat. All your project are very nice!
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