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  1. Kimblee

    A metal Q hook?

    Today i got a white plastic SB Q hook, and it handles much easier than the ikky red one from Hobby Lobby. Only 99 cents too. Still considering the bamboo hook tho.
  2. Kimblee

    Just how old are you?

    22, and i've crocheted since I was eight. Its relaxing, but brings out some weird comments.
  3. Kimblee

    Who do you crochet for

    gifts and for selling
  4. I have no idea how likely babies are to get their fingers caught, as i don;t have one. But I like sturdy baby items, so that's what i make.
  5. Kimblee

    A metal Q hook?

    I found a nice looking bamboo Q hook on etsy that i may buy. anyone know anything about Bamboo large hooks? Are they heavy? I'm gonna try the sandpaper too. But where do i put the pledge? All over the hook or just at the hook end?
  6. Kimblee

    Need some Crochet inspiration

    Congrats! What wonderful news. Just think, the items you make now, if you decide to put them away as Baby out grows, may become treasured family heirlooms. Does that help? If it doesn't, I appologize, but I have very little advice, but lots of good wishes to send.
  7. Kimblee

    A metal Q hook?

    I bought a plastic Q hook at hobby lobby, and I hate it. It pulls and seems rough. (its their store brand) Does anyone make a metal one? Or can anyone recommend which plastic brand is smoothest? I want to make a neat 3 strand blanket but it seems a Q hook is vital to that dream.
  8. Kimblee

    Folding washcloths?

    I love the cupcake, but she didn't say how she did it.
  9. Kimblee

    Folding washcloths?

    Wow! So cool. I was thinking square cloths, but that is irresistable. I'm gonna make up a bunch.
  10. Kimblee

    Folding washcloths?

    Anyone know ornamental ways to fold a wash cloth? Like into roses or something? I found some tutorials but they don't look that great with a crocheted cloth. I just want a pretty way to fold them for their new owners.
  11. Kimblee

    favorites anyone???

    Baby hats. I love em. I made up my own pattern to match a booite pattern I found.
  12. Kimblee

    Yarn winders?

    I got the knitpiks one. All good reviews on the site, and the handheld feature sounds good. Now I play the waiting game... HYPER Impaitent!
  13. Kimblee

    Yarn winders?

    I need a good manual yarn winder. Found a few on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lacis-In-Line-Yarn-Ball-Winder/dp/B001GZR2Q8/ref=pd_sbs_k_4 http://www.amazon.com/Yarn-Ball-Winder-Hand-operated-YBW-B/dp/B001L8DL4C/ref=pd_sbs_k_2 etc. I've heard good things about the Royal, ut its a bit too much for my budget. Are any of the >$30 decent or am I just stuck with something that falls appart if I stick to my budget? Any experience, anyone?
  14. Kimblee

    Multi Strand Blankets

    Yeah, sorry. That's what i meant. I was excited because I finished an awesome one.
  15. Kimblee

    Multi Strand Blankets

    Ooo sounds fun. I hate my Q hook... never got comfortable with it. But I migt dg it out and give it another try. The biggest I use is a Susan Bates N hook. Its my baby and it and my whole stash are far from me right now. (I'm taking care of a friend that hurt herself.) I do love the "crumple" stitch though.