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  1. You did a really nice job on him! I'm sure your mil will be pleased!
  2. Awe! Your girls look so cute in them! Nice job!
  3. Why, it's a milkcap cutie from Peggytoes! Isn't he darling?!? I was fortunate to have some banana beads that were just the right size too! He was a lot of fun to watch come alive! Don't you just want to kiss him???
  4. He's so cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us!
  5. I just got a package from a wonderful elf in Cannonsburg, MI. They sent me the prettiest burgundy and cream square doily that is going to live on the table by my rocking chair and wonderful stickers for my Daughter. Thank you so much! It was so much fun to open the mailbox and find this package waiting for us!
  6. I thought it was very appropriate! It's something I remember my Grandmother saying when I was a child. When I was little, I always prefered to hang out with the "old" people and as a result, I use a lot of oldfashioned sayings. My family thinks I'm odd!! I am looking forward to making this darling couple and I have my eye out for when you release the royal couple pattern too. The official line is that I wan't to make them for my Daughter, but really I want them for me!!!
  7. You are such a good egg to share this with us! (sorry, couldn't resist ) Seriously though thank you for sharing the pattern with us. I love all of your creations!
  8. No pun intended...what a doll! Both the darling doll and Mary Jo. She brings a lot of smiles to everyone here on the 'ville. You are very blessed!
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