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    Harrisonburg, VA
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    butterfly gardening, photography, exercise
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    after 20 years of teaching preschool I have been in bookkeeping/accounting for the last 5 years
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    baby blankets, prayer shawls, preemie caps
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  1. I am doing a prayer shawl/lap robe [will depend on how many squares I get done] but can't remember how to connect them. What is the best way to connnect, I am thinking I did a whip stitch but not sure.
  2. I am looking for patterns for Relay for Life or Cancer afghan patterns to use as a fund raiser-If I get them made. Any one know where to find these?
  3. I am new to the site, found by accident in looking for a breast cancer afghan pattern to crochet. I am part of a prayer shawl ministry at church and just finished my first Relay for Life and so excited about all I learned in one night about Relay and how to raise funds and just make a difference! I signed up for Relay 6 weeks prior and didn't have time to think of a team name so we went with my name [i wanted something more creative]. So with some help from other boards I chat on the Team name will be Hooked on a Cure and the marketing theme I am using for 2008 will be Lick Cancer- using photos of my dog licking me, kids licking ice cream and lollipops. I am so psyched! Because this year I walked 9 miles and raised $1391 with donations I asked people for, can you imagine what I can do with jars to collect $ at the pet store, vet, groomers, ice cream store, yarn shop and fishing shop! And the raffle I want to do with the afghan I make, the possiblities are endless! I have been crocheting/crafting for as long as I can remember. I think my granny taught me to crochet when I was 12. As for me I taught preschool day care for 20 years after college and in 2001 I decide it was time to move on and God sent me to an office job doing bookkeeping/accounting/computers for an Exxon distributor. They think I know computers:lol , I never used one other than to email prior to the job, but I have learned so much there. I would still like to make a web page for myself. I love photography, butterfly gardening and my mutt Ginny. So that is me! Lisa
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