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  1. That just might help, thank you, now i need to figure out how to convert that heel from a 38ct round down to a 24 so i can get the correlation between the number counts right
  2. Hmm. That does help. I'm working on a 24 stitch round, can you write up a pattern so I can see? I think I understand what you're describing but I can't quite find how it will look in action.
  3. As an additional note. Youtube didn't help
  4. I am making the feet of a new doll and I am trying to move from the horizontal foot to the vertical leg and the foot is at 24 stitches and the leg is to be at 24 stitches and idont know how to make the "heel". Help?
  5. Well... if you end up with only one sock you can make a sock puppet!
  6. Thanks alibra that helps ^_^
  7. I tried that and the cloak came out.. huge... I like the feel of knitted fabric and i'd like to try it.. do you know of any good conversion websites?
  8. i tend to knit with larger needles, but i'm a fan of holey floppy cloth.. not the stiffer cloth smaller needles can make
  9. I'm in class at the moment but this question has been nagging me for weeks and I just have to ask. I have a beautiful cloak pattern in crochet that I love, absolutely love, but the types of yarn i use tend to make the cloak too heavy to be conventional. So I need to know. How to I convert the crochet to knit so I can simply and easily rewrite the pattern line for line? I'm relatively knowledgable about knitting but i want to keep it as easy as possible for me to be able to make the cloaks as much as i'd like. If you need me to input a portion of the pattern for example.. let me know!
  10. Are you wanting the ears to be full shaped or flat?
  11. You can get clean pizza boxes from any pizza place... just ask them for a few unused boxes, they may charge you, they may not.. but thats one way to get em. I use a 1 inch thick foamboard (foam in the middle... hard craft board on the outside) and used a sharpie to draw out my lines and i covered it with wax paper. Cheap and easy and easily stored.
  12. How often should I increase the capelet at least? Anyone know that? Should i increase every 3 rows?
  13. Well I want it to be standard sc with straight front panels and have it be 20 inches from my neck. I had a book that showed how to do it but i lost the book and now im starting from scratch. all the patterns i see online are for something more frilly and less traditional than what i'm looking for. Gage and swatch aren't really important to me since it's something more basic and generic that i'm going to use as a basis for manipulation later. but i'm using a worsted wieght with an H hook.
  14. I would really like some help on this... at least some tips on how many inc per row and how often to do the inc.. such as every 3 rows.. every 2 rows? I want to have this done by the time the Ren Faire comes around to Az...
  15. You can use any type of letters put into a graph form. Counted cross stitch, knitted, plastic canvas, just view the colored spaces as the spaces for your stitch and letter making this is a nice one for celtic style letters http://www.celticxstitch.ie/cgi-bin/stitches.cgi
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