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    I'm a writer, mom, & free-spirit. In essence, I'm just me. If you want to know more just ask.
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    Crafts, exercise, gardening, music, photography, reading, songwriting, & writing (of all sorts).
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    I love making scarves, blankets, jewelry and I really want to learn "Illusion Crochet".
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    A lil' over 20 years now. I started when I was thirteen (1991) or fourteen (1992).
  1. Holiday

    FCEC Hoodie help

    I do not know why I got my brain all confused earlier, I just realized the problem I thought I might have doing a half increase was not a problem at all...the only issue I have is that there is not a sc at the beginning and end of each row, but I can work the half-shell increase into the first and last stitches of the row...thank you so much for your help, you really are phenomenally kind.
  2. Holiday

    FCEC Hoodie help

    Hey there, I wanted to say thank you so much for your help. It seems that if I increase the shell stitch on row eight but continue to work in pattern as if I did not increase stitches it stretches it enough anyways...I am thinking, hoping that is what they meant for me to do by continuing to work in pattern...I tested it out on my initial swatch so now I just have to hope that it still works on the larger swatch... Thank you though, truly thank you. With regards, Holiday
  3. Does the color change within the row or from row to row? If it is from row to row then merely twist it around the yarn of the first stitch of the row worked above it...when you go to work into the row pick up the non-working color and twist it around the working color, to carry it along...does that make any sense? If you are changing colors throughout the row, hold it taut but not tight behind the stitches and it should carry along like cross stitch thread. I do not think the back will look as good as the front but that should keep it from being unsightly...sighs, I suspect that these answers are not enough to answer your question completely but I did want to try and help...if they are not enough I do hope you can find the help you need from someone on here... Good luck , Holiday
  4. Holiday

    FCEC Hoodie help

    So, I am really increasing another whole shell instead of half a shell. Wow, I never would have figured that out on my own--thank you! I am going to try to work the pattern into the increased rows. Since after you increase you work in pattern, hopefully the other stitches will make this possible. I do have another question though, a clarification really, if you have time, of course. When I increase a full shell on each side I am making a full shell in addition to the half shell that is already there? That sounds right but I wanted to make sure. Thank you so much for all your help, Holiday
  5. Holiday

    FCEC Hoodie help

    My issue so much isn't the increasing but how to continue "in pattern" after doing so. I am supposed to increase from a half-shell on each end to a full-shell. Then work "in pattern" for five rows (until the next shell repeat comes up in row eight) and increase a half-shell at beginning and end. I am having trouble keeping the pattern the width it becomes when increased. I have tried adding an appropriately-sized stitch at the beginning and end of the row before and after working "in pattern" but the end of the pattern works into the turning chain of the row below twice and so I wind-up sorta compressing the widened ends doing so...does that make any sense? I feel like it sounds sorta hodge-podge, if it does I do apologize, I am more than willing to write it up again if need be--and to take more time and make my problems easier to read... Sighs, between this and the shawl I am stuck on (I going to post pictures sometime this week on where I am stuck on that) I feel like my normal pattern reading ease has slipped into near impossibility--ah well, I will continue to stitch and stitch until something comes up right...or until someone helps me...or some combination of both... Oh, the shell stitch worked is: 4dc with a ch-st in between each dc all worked into a ch-2 sp. The stitch right before the shell and right after is a sc and the stitches to the side of the ch-2 sp are ch-3s on each side. Do you know though, at the beginning of row eight there are 3dcs and at the end of row eight there are 2dcs and 4chs (which are used in a later row), to increase to a full-shell stitch should I add one dc to the beginning and two to the end or? Along with that, do you know how to work the end (and beginning) of a row with a half-shell decrease at the beginning and end of the row? What I mean is when working in pattern it suddenly stops the end of it and row is rounded. Sigh, I am really not explaining this one right. Do you have any advice for working over a half-shell decrease? Yup, that's better. Take care, Holiday
  6. Holiday

    FCEC Hoodie help

    I am working on this exact same hoodie and am having the exact same problem. Did you ever figure out what to do? I have tried writing it out in a diagram to do the math but it never works...so if you figured it could you please share what you did with me? Hoping you had better luck than I am having, Holiday
  7. Your scarf is absolutely lovely...I too, adore soft yarn. -Holiday
  8. I participated in several of these a long while back, they were super fun, I look forward to the new list. Take your time though coordinators, I imagine the amount of work that goes into coordinating such a large calendar must be exhausting in it's own right... -Holiday
  9. Hello there and welcome! I just got re-involved with the board recently myself. I started re-reading it a few days ago and I just posted myself today. Sighs, I'm blathering, I just wanted to wish you a warm welcome. This is an awesome forum, take it from someone who missed it when she was away, this forum rocks. The people are amazing and super helpful and the topics and information garnered from them are enough to fill a volume of encyclopedias several times over... -Holiday
  10. I crochet left-handed as well but I have read patterns irregardless so I think I'll be ok...there isn't too much difference is there? I am reading it right now, and I will try it in just a few moments. Thank you so much!
  11. Hello Amy, Yes that is the pattern. Thank you so much. Now people can look at it and I can avoid worrying about copying the pattern down. To everyone else reading this message: I have amended my original post with a link to the pattern. -Holiday
  12. Hi Magiccrochetfan, I thought I typed out what I planned to do in full but obviously I did not. I was hoping to take a picture and then edit it so only the first three rows would be visible. Of course, I do appreciate the advice on who to PM regarding rules since I was planning to just leave the question open on here and hope the right person read it. So thank you for the help and sorry for the confusion. With warmest regards, Holiday
  13. And thank you for replying. It is indeed the cover shawl. If no one else can help me, and it is not too much trouble, next week would be just fine. I seem to remember trying this shawl a fair while back and deciding to come back to try again at a later date and to be this flummoxed off of what seems to be a fairly simple pattern is ridiculous. The pattern is five rows long, do you think posting the first three rows would be sharing too much? I will look for my camera and take a picture since I think typing it will distort the pattern too much... Thanks again, Holiday
  14. Hello all. I have the book Hooked on Style (by Catherine Blythe) and I am having a doozy of a time reading the pattern for the Floral Shawl. They write it out and have it printed in a small chart (using standard crochet symbols). The first question: Row 1: Is worked into the ch row. Then Row 2: Do you turn the work upside down and work the row across that way? Since you "Do Not Turn" at the end of the row. Here is what it says for working the individual rows..."All rows will be worked with RS facing. When working 2nd and 4th rows of pat. rotate Shawl so foundation row is at top of work. Even doing that, the work I am doing is coming out all wonky. I think I must be working the stitches for the second row-and those following it-into the wrong places. I've tried over and over again and I am blind as to what I am doing wrong. I know we cannot share full patterns here so I am desperately hoping that some of you here own this book and can guide me. If no one here owns the book, does anyone know how much of a pattern we are allowed to share? I do not wish to get into trouble, I just desperately want to make this shawl and all I seem to be doing is stitching disasters... With warmest regards, Holiday Edited Addition to Posting: Pattern Link: http://www.patonsyarns.com/pattern.php?PID=2853 My problem: When I work row two (and even try row three) I wind-up with something that looks nothing like the start of a flower with the mesh in between. Question 1: When working Row 2 do I turn the first worked row upside-down and work into the bottom of it? Question 2: If the answer to question one is yes then when working into the top of ch 3 of the row below, how exactly since the top would now be below, or am I supposed to twist the stitches? Sigh, I should have realized that I would not be able to write this out and make any form of sense. Maybe I should try again from the written pattern only (since this does not show the diagram, maybe it will be easier that way). Anyone who tries it and gets two or three wonky rows: Do you know where you've gone wrong? Irregardless, I do thank you all for reading my posting. I am deeply sorry for having so much trouble explaining my problem. It seems that when I do it the stitches are not quite meeting up properly. I would love an answer regarding the top of ch 3 of the row below though.... With warmest regards, Holiday
  15. Hey Kim, I just wanted to say "Hi, I'm Holiday," and wish you a warm to Crochetville . I also wanted to say that I think the afghans you made are lovely, thank you for sharing the pictures with us. All the best, Holiday
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