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    mother of four
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    crocheting, scrapbooking, cross stitching
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    professional stay at home Mom
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    doilies, table runners & amigurumi
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    since elementary days
  1. oh...I never get tired of seeing and drooling over doily/filet works of other enthusiasts. it gives me inspiration to do more! keep it coming! you're doing great!
  2. Oh Karen! I love all your works! the designs make me drool! your daughter's taking after you! I'm envious! I have 2 grown-up daughters and they don't even pick-up my crochet hooks. they tell me crochet is too "jurassic" for them!
  3. thank you very much for your appreciation. Yes Karen, I'm into filet these days. I have 4 sisters, each waiting for their gifts from me. I'll see them this end of the month.
  4. thanks a bunch, amigas!
  5. :hug:hug thank you, thank you! I cherish all of your comments! :manyheart:manyheart
  6. beautiful! thanks for sharing. this is going to be my homework. I'll go find the pattern.
  7. :hug:hugthank you all very much my friends! :manyheart:manyheart
  8. here's another filet project of mine: from: hass design done in: Number 8 White cotton crochet thread & #8 hook size 71 rows to complete finished size: 21 1/2" x 16 1/2" done: July 22, 2008-July25, 2008
  9. pretty colors you have! nice! yup! the second one is the pattern for "Garden Party" table cloth.
  10. I agree Demet! this is challenging to do. it took me several frogging before I got the hang of it. =)) =)) =)) also, I attached the white dc lace on to the center flowers as it goes. susy12
  11. Pretty!Pretty!Pretty! they're all are! I can't help drooling at the last one! more! more! more! susy12
  12. I love it! this is my kind of doily! kudos! the photographs gave justice to it!
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