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    I've been married for 30 years, have 5 kids, 10 grandkids. All the grandkids live in Texas!
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    Nocona Texas
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    Gardening, sewing, puzzle maniac and computers
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    I own an envelope manufacturing plant
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    blankets! I get to keep warm while I'm crocheting
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  1. Thnks, I think I was reading row 9 incorrectly. I wasn't making the 2 ftpr's that will connect together to start the second diamond. Did this pattern seem uncomplicated? I really had a hard time reading this one. Thanks again.
  2. This pattern is driving me nuts. I can't get the cables to lay flat. If anyone has made this block from the All Reasons and All Seasons book, maybe you can lead me through. I'm begining to wonder if something was left out of the directions. This is a diamond square in the Four in One Charity pattern.
  3. Have pattern for diamond square stitch that is a cable stitch using a front post triple crochet. I am having a problem with this direction: FPTr around next 2 FPTr sts 2 row below, FPtr around SAME 2 fptr sts 2 row below. Do i place the stitch over the first two FPtr or behind? If anyone is making this pattern from All Reasons & All Season, I woul appreciate any help on this block. The cable block was easy compared to this one. Thanks
  4. That is really cool! I love the flames coming off the C. I don't know much about logos of sports team, but that one is fabulous.
  5. That's a great design! I love it, the colors are really nice.
  6. I've really need to go ahead and finish this CAL, I've neglected way to many other things! I hope everyone is coming along well on their's, I know with me it can be hard just getting started.
  7. Finished the Lacrosse blanket, am on to Puppies! (I think i'll enjoy that alot more. 3 to go!
  8. Hey, everyone! I've been busy with family this last month, but I have gotten about 1/3 of my grandson's ghan done. Hope to post pics by the last of this month....if everything goes well.
  9. Cute! What a great idea for the 4th!
  10. Stunning work, I don't have to cross my fingers on your win, looks like you have it "in the bag". Absolutely beautiful.
  11. Great job, you gave me some really interesting ideas! Love the black background.
  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Your daughter is soooo lucky.
  13. Amanda, you do such wonderful work! You must be one busy gal. Can't wait to see the finish one for MIL. Please post pic of it.
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