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    Ruth VanDenderen
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    Raissed in the midwest and now live in Oregon.
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    Gresham, Oregon
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    I love to quilt and crochet a little knitting and anything that moves me
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    disabled due to auto accidents
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    anything for my grandkids
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    I can remember crocheting in my 7th grade home ec class and been crocheting every since
  1. Thanks so much ladies I really do appreciate this help. Ruth
  2. We have made over 700 hundred hats for snowcaps here in Gresham, Oregon. Alot of the hats are made with the Knifty Knitting looms. My women are wanting to crochet hats for snowcaps.org Thanks in advance for any assistance. This means a lot to me. Kids are helpless and this is one way the senior center can help.
  3. rvan777

    I need help

    Crafty deb that really sounds like it. I love the other one as well. so many great idea's come from this group. I love it.
  4. rvan777

    I need help

    I really need some help. I saw an afghan today that is 2 sided (meaning that the pattern is done on both sides) and looks like it is crocheted at the same time. It looks like it is a shell stitch and a chain that connects front to the back side. Does anyone know the name of this pattern? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. rvan777

    I've been busy

    Is that the corner to corner afghan? I love that pattern it goes so fast and looks so beautiful when completed. Great work and a great organization to work with.
  6. Welcome to the group from a fellow Oregonian in Gresham-Ruth
  7. I absolutely love this pattern. Great Job!!!!!
  8. a fellow crocheter from Oregon. FYI Fabric Depot in Portland has a new crochet class on Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 at the 122nd and stark store. Tammy Jackson is the instructor. She is amazing and used to teach in Washington. Ruth
  9. Hello our group of women at the senior center is making childrens hats for an organization that provideds hats for children. Our goal is to have 100 hats by the last monday of this month. SO we are seeking easy patterns that will go fast but also keep little heads warm here in Oregon. Thanks Ruth
  10. I had corrected her a few times about crocheting and knitting and she still put knitting in the article at the end. I guess that I missed the first post.
  11. A local reporter that heard about my grandson's flag afghan did a story. Here is the link with a picture of my grandson. I am so proud of the little guy at 11. http://www.theoutlookonline.com/features/story.php?story_id=121512345683768600
  12. very pretty tote, where did the pattern come from
  13. The flag is out of a book that I have. I need to find the book and post which book it is. There are 49 starts on this flag and it is crocheted in a octagon shape and sewn together to make a square shape. I made this in a little over a week. It does go very fast.
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