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    thirtysomething, left hander who has recently discovered the joy of crochet
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    yorkshire uk
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    free form clothes, using my 2nd hand book collection and the vast web resources, also socks for some reason
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    taught myself to crochet in jan 2007, made process more difficult by using american and british book
  1. I had this same problem, bought discontinued freedom spirit wool 'cause it was49p then realised 50g doesn't go to far, ended up knitting( blasphemy ) a headband called calorimity from Knitty, if you don't do hats headbands let you put your hair up and keep your ears warm!
  2. i have used a knittingpattern for babies and would recomend converting the cm to inches to check the sizes. I don't know what they feed babies in Norway put the romper suit is the size it says for 0-3 mnths, tension came out right, but it looks huge to me and if i'd checked imperial measurements i would have realised ! Other than that found it easy to follow
  3. i have looked at the yarn in question for another pattern and think you could substitute it for twiley's of Stamford freedom spirit as the tension thingy on the ball band is the same.
  4. I have an old book, printed in the seventies, which has the american pattern written seperately after the english version. I can't rember what it is called offhand and it was a charity shop buy. I tend to use both interchangably as there are more us patterns on the web. I think someone here, maybe darski suggested using the find and replace tool in microsoft word to change patterns from american to english easily.
  5. It will look right, when i made one it looked quite weird a various stages, just keep fath with the instructions.
  6. Would 3 or 4 ply and a 2-2.25mm hook come up anywhere near the right size, i've done fillet scarves in that range, which the pattern looked clear on, or you could add in repeats of the two roses facing each other. I agree ww would be bedspread size, but it is sooo pretty that the possibilities need to be considered.
  7. i have tried this a couple of times, it works really well with hand knits, tedious with machine as they are often very fine ply twisted together, which split like mad. It took me about 3hrs to unravel an eighties aran, but i got a vest, two hats and some granny squares out of it. If you wrap the yarn around a chair back and then hang it in the bathroom when showering you can get most of the kinks out.
  8. knitting pattern central has a combi pattern directory, i like both but love crochet more
  9. Laura, i got novembers issue of crochet today,whsmiths stock it. And it has a yarn subsitution sheet at the back for uk and australian yarns, they are mainly patons which aren't the easiest to get hold of but you do get a better idea of what you can subsitute. If you pm me i could sent you it
  10. I was just checking my email, and lo and behold my knitting daily newsletter informs me that the famous babbette blanket is now avainable online as a pdf. http://shop.interweave.com/store/Babette-Blanket-P235C54.aspx?src=KE011408A if you sign up to the interweave thingy you can browse their free pattern library for the crochet patterns. I have no intention of getting this pattern as i have far too many projects on the go at present, but have seen so many threads about this blanket i feel it is my crochetting duty to post the link
  11. I am in the process of making a piglet afgahn using a scaled up cross stitch pattern i had inmy stash. i find it a lot easier to find the embroidry patterns here than ones for crochet.I did 4 stitches for every one on the chart to get rid of the fractional stitches and then tweaked my copy a bit so it looked right! it is working out ok so far
  12. OOh ticking all my favourite crochet boxes. I treid a freeformtop on my own and it had very interesting arms when i finished and rode upmy back, quess it was too freeform for my body!
  13. Charity shops can be excellent. I got some Jager lambswool for 79p the other week in the RSPCA shop
  14. Have you emailed sweaterbabe, or checked her errata on her website. I partially rewrote the sleeves on the car coatpattern before realising it wasn't my bad and corrections where on her site!
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