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  1. I really enjoyed reading the story of your dolly makeover and you've done a lovely job on her. Thanks for sharing
  2. VERY nice! I like your choice of stitches. The whole thing looks very professional *cheer*
  3. These are lovely, and I know with the charity donations over here, they are always desperate for "boy" stuff.
  4. Individually these are very lovely, but put together they are ADORABLE!
  5. Okay, I was a bit confused until I realise you live in Florida! You've made a lovely set, it's a precious gift. I'd be inclined to give it now, because the mum can either put it away until it's the right size/weather, or use it now as layers with t-shirts, leggings, etc. Either way she'll enjoy the pleasure of a your gift with the personal touch.
  6. Gorgeous! They could be worn on their own with other things, but as a set they are magnificent!
  7. That's lovely, it looks very feminine.
  8. That's a lovely hat, just right for a pretty little girl in Spring
  9. I have this bookmarked but never seem to get around to it. Your scarf is lovely!
  10. I must've missed this when you first posted it, so here are my belated congrats on your truly beautiful work. I've never seen a gift set like that before, it's just wonderful. I hope your friend had a very special day
  11. I've never seen anything like that! They are amazing! What a lot of work it must be, but you've got a beautiful finished result, I hope you enjoy wearing them
  12. Well done to you! It will make the blanket extra special because you put so much personal effort into it.
  13. Wishing Callum success in his new home...and wishing you happy memories of him as you enjoy YOUR new room! What a lovely generous thought of your husband to try and show you the upside.
  14. Oh that is so pretty! You did a lovely job, and thank you for linking to the pattern as I hadn't seen it before. What size is your diaper cover?
  15. I really like your baby gowns Jessica, and thanks for showing us how different colour combos/patterns can be used. Yay for getting your pattern written up! And thanks for sharing
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