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    Wife, Mother to 2, GMa to 7.
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    Crocheting, Reading, Camping and especially spending time with Family and Friends!!!
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    afghans, baby garments, doilies, motifs
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  1. Ditto:hook Just haven't got a picture of it yet. Way behind on pictures! Happy Crocheting, Kathy
  2. I have crocheted several ripples with HomeSpun. At first I was as frustrated as you but I continued to like the colors and love the texture so I worked with it and now I can't wait to be able to buy my next batch to make another afghan for someone. And I have been amazed that HomeSpun can be washed and washed and continues to stay as beautiful as when it was first crocheted. It is worth the time to practice if you like the yarn! KathyWho
  3. I so agree and have shared this pattern:yes more with fellow crocheters then any other. It has surpassed the Ripple Stitch Pattern which I have shared plenty. I have enjoyed everyone sharing..thank you!!! KathyWho
  4. I did both of mine in the HDC. I want to do another one so badly so am getting some WIP done so I can begin another one. Ripples and Flannelghans are my favorites. I love the pink and white one. I have two 4 yr. old GD's. and of course pink is their favorite color. Joanne, yours is awesome!
  5. They both look really good!!!......this is a great pattern...thanks for sharing (~:~)
  6. DH and I are going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow....I have been good latey so it is time~:~
  7. RoseRed, Sorry to hear you are having problems with neck and back as I have a dislocated disk in neck which I deal with. I am very lucky that cortisone does help me when I need it. Will be thinking about you on Wednesday! I feel fortunate with every stitch I take~~~
  8. Cindy, Willl be making a baby blanket also....thanks for letting us know how to go about crocheting a smaller version. 36 inches will be a nice size. I have made this pattern for several of our nieces and nephews and it is a favorite!!! KathyWho
  9. Just beautiful. teakay!!! This was one of the most enjoyable patterns I ever crocheted. I have too many projects going.......I get so tempted>>>>so I stop in and visit and take a peek at what ya'll are having fun doing......Sooooonnnnn!!!! KathyWho
  10. Annie: I have one ready and have time for another one tonight. I can get them in the mail sometime this week if you get me your address. This cause is close to my heart. Thanks for asking. KathyWho
  11. Hello There Annie Now that the holidays are over I would love to send you a couple. Please be patient because I consider myself a sloooowww crocheter. ~:~ Soon, KathyWho
  12. I do everything left handed. It took a couple of people to help me to learn how to crochet. All my sisters and friends crochet right handed so if I get stumped with a pattern it sometimes gets interesting. KathyWho:manyheart
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