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    Kathy Kay
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    Wife, Mother to 2, GMa to 7.
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    Crocheting, Reading, Camping and especially spending time with Family and Friends!!!
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    afghans, baby garments, doilies, motifs
  1. KathyWho

    Just The Way I Like 'em Dishcloth

    I just found this thread even though it was posted some time ago. I hesitantly tried the pattern and was so pleasantly excited as it really worked. It's very absorbent!!! I have tried so many stitches, combination of stitches in the past and many different types of fibers and this works. I used this cloth on all kinds of surfaces and there were no streaks left on any of them...including a glass top table. Thank you for this pattern. I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton.
  2. KathyWho

    Stained Glass Window Afghan

    Beautiful!!! I have this pattern but have hesitated in beginning as it seems that there will be a lot of ends to weave and it's a bit more difficult. Did you find this to be true?
  3. Depends on what I am crocheting and where I'm at when ends are ready to be weaved in. I enjoy weaving in ends and find it relaxing! I usually weave a few when I am crocheting and leave some for the finished piece.
  4. KathyWho

    LionHeart Project

    Entirely Awesome...Great Thumbs-Up for Crocheting!!!
  5. KathyWho

    48 square afghan

    So Beautiful~~~Much Luck~~~Have Fun At The Fair!!!
  6. KathyWho

    Just want to vent...

    Such a good question and good advise...I always work on one or more and sometimes way more projects then I should so I do just change to another project but one biggest factor that has changed my crocheting, including; speed, tension, hand pain and consequently enjoy-ability is I changed out all my hooks to the bamboo handled. When the soft clover hooks came out I really liked them but picked one up one day and my hands were hurting in no time. I am left handed but don't think that really has anything to do with it. Love the bamboo hooks, they have made a big difference in my Crochet Life~~~
  7. KathyWho

    Orange you nice :)

    Your Tunic Is Beautiful!!! Our school colors are orange and black & our GrDaughters favorite holiday is Halloween and we just found out our DD and SIL will be having twins in October so we bought them some bright colored orange bibs When I looked Tango Tangerine up on the Internet it looks like it is a very much prettier version then the bolder orange~~~I like it! Don't know if I will be able to carry it off in a piece of clothing but would love to change out my old pink wallet for a Tango Tangerine one!!!
  8. KathyWho

    Crocheting is for...

    EveryThing and AllTimes For Sure
  9. KathyWho

    Afghan in hibernation is finished

    Awesome....my sister would live it...her favorite colors....and the size is wonderful...congrats!!!!
  10. KathyWho

    Any Afghan CAL

    I'd like to join...love making afghans and have a couple of smaller lapghans going for charity, one with homespun for ourselves (believe it!!!), one I am finishing up for my niece and I will have one done by this weekend ( if the yarn gets here by Fed_Ex on Wed) for oldest GDaughter! It is a very colorful yarn, Patons Melody and a speedy V-Stitch...will try to post pic a little later!!! Boy, I need this CAL :)
  11. KathyWho

    Boxing Day 2012!

    I'd like to join~~~ Crochet small lapghans and then purchase stuffed animals and snuggle them up for Parent/Child Center. My goal is to get started crocheting Prayer Shawls this year! So glad this CAL started
  12. KathyWho

    Cathedral Window-CAL

    So Sorry~~~~It was about the Cathedral Window CAL Group on Facebook~~~Starting off 2012 with a Bang!!! Thank you Ladies and Happy New Year!
  13. KathyWho

    Cathedral Window-CAL

    Got a message on FB to come and check in if I still want to be involved in this CAL or I will be dropped...Sure want to be a part of this CAL...please don't drop me
  14. KathyWho

    2012 Wip-Busters

    Would love to join this WIP Cal~~~I always have very good intentions & the beginning of 2012 has started out with a positive...picked up an afghan I have been working on for some time now. I crocheted a twin to this one and perhaps that is the reason I am having a slower time getting this one done~~~same color***same stitch The 2nd. thing I need to get done is a hook case "I have almost done"...is felted already and just needs the finishing touches. (for me) A flower for a hair wrap (ear warmer). (for daughter in-law) After these I will dig out some more that are hiding around here :) Point system...huhmmmm Thank you so much for starting this CAL now off to crochet~!~