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  1. Here it is...lol..Not perfect but it was fun!!
  2. I found the pattern for a hook holder online and thought I would give it a try...here are the first pics (they are clickable) The original size was 20" long and 14" wide Here it is down to 14" long and 8" wide I used Patons 100% wool. I'll post the finished project when complete!!!
  3. We will be meeting at the Manchester Barnes & Noble, the second Wed of each month...Hope that helps!!!
  4. I think it looks GREAT!!! Congrats on a cool new purse!!!
  5. Um...well...my own suggestion was NH Hookers ..hehe...but I don't think that will fly either!!!
  6. Hi Ville Family!! A few members that live in NH are starting a monthly gathering for talking and crocheting. How can you help??? We need a name!!! Please share your ideas for a catchy name!!!
  7. I agree!!! I have to admit, I was one of the...why waste your time...when I was young and my Grandma tried to teach me, boy should I have paid more attention!!! No when asked why I waste my time, I simply say, to make my Grandma proud!! That will usually stop that line of conversation. I think my other pet peeve is again how unappreciated your gifts can be!! I made a baby blanket for my Niece, only to find that she threw it away!! My mom had taken it from the trash, washed it and put it away. I do get a fuzzy warm feeling when I take a lapghan to my favorite nursing home and gift it to an elderly woman, I usually get...OOO I didn't think anyone crocheted anymore!!!
  8. Y don't we do that...I'll change my post and let April know...I don't want to step on anyone's toes...HMMM Yes...we'll have to lay claim to the second Wed. of the month, and come up with a name!!!
  9. Hi everyone!!! Holly and I are in the midst of arranging a monthly get together. So far this is where we are at: Location: Barnes & Noble S. Willow St. Manchester (this is just past the Mall of NH) Dates: 2nd Wed. of each month Time: 7pm I'm hoping that we can get a chance to meet other NH crocheter's and make this a regular thing!!!
  10. What about the first Wed of the month??...alsooo..hehe...I know that there are some that may knit also...are we keeping this a gathering for hooks only or are no? Holly...do they meet every wed night??
  11. Ok...a name....Um...NH Hookers!!!! I guess my dry sense of humor is showing again...lol...We can talk group names while we work.
  12. What about changing the day to a Wed say...7pm?? We could make this monthly gathering!!
  13. What about the Barnes & Noble on S. Willow St, just a little past the Mall of NH??? I'm open on times...
  14. I have been thinking about taking up loom knitting too!! My vote is Yes
  15. Umm...it has a wooden base with steel pins? http://cgi.ebay.com/28-Knitting-Board-Loom-Rake-w-adj-gauge-168-pins_W0QQitemZ180150974944QQihZ008QQcategoryZ113343QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem This is what I was thinking about getting...what I'm wondering is...can you make cables with it? Can you follow a knitting pattern??
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