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    I love new ideas!!!
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    crocheting, reading, camping
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    Since I was a child
  1. My grandmother taught me. She had patience of a saint!!!! Debbie uwcheese
  2. That is a beautiful afghan! I love the colors. THe border adds a lot to the afghan. Nice job, Debbie uwcheese
  3. That is beautiful. I have to try one of these sometime! Debbie uwcheese
  4. I love to use caron simply soft yarn but it seems to be pretty stretchy when you make a large item out of it. RH seems too "rough" feeling when it is crocheted up. What do others think? Thanks, Deb
  5. That is the most unusual flanelghan I have seen. It would make a wonderful children's wheelchair laprobe! I will have to find that pattern! Debbie
  6. How do you know when a new Crochet-Along is starting? Thanks, Debbie
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