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  1. Unfortunately the kids didn't make it down for Christmas and don't know when they will. So, it looks like I'll have to mail this afghan up north. It's for my grandson's girlfriend (mother to be of my first great-grandchild ). I used Kourtney's favorite color and based the ghan off of Tracy St.John's "Groovyghan" pattern.The outer squares are the Irish Rose and Celtic Cross since Kourtney is Irish.
  2. By all means Lea please feel free to use my squares in any way you see fit. Also please let me know if you need anymore for you husband's ghan, I'm more than happy to send you more. Prayers for all family members going thru this trying time. God bless you all. Andi
  3. Hi Lea, if you'll be kind enough to send me your address, I have four squares ready to be mailed. God bless your, your husband and his recipient . Andi
  4. Tammy, just wanted to let you know I've put 2 white squares in the mail for you this morning. Hope the blue ones have arrived or will soon. Andi
  5. Hope is okay stormy, I shared your link for these adorable "chill pills" with my friends of FB. Have a great :firecrack 4th. Andi
  6. Keep up the good work and your daughter too, luv it all. Andi
  7. Dear Ducky, I'm sorry I haven't gotton my squares in the mail yet, but I will by Saturday. Right after I got you address my life was turned upside down. I received a call from a case worker who did a search for my birth father. Sadly he passed back in 2002, BUT I found out that I have 8 siblings . Now mind you, I'm 63 so this you might say was a BIG shock but a very very happy one. Anyway I didn't want you to think I forgot you. I'll be mailing out two squares on Saturday. Andi
  8. Yes he liked them both. He decided to model them for me . You have to look close for the one on his ear hanging down.
  9. I made two bookmarks for my son-in-law for Father's Day. Since he's interning at his church I thought these would be nice for him to use w/his bible. The Celtic Cross pattern I found online and just added a chain to it. The necktie is from Susan Bates site on FB. I almost lost my mind on this pattern. The pic online shows one more row at the top than what was in the written pattern. I did my own thing for the tie's bottom instead of what the pattern called for. Sorry the pic isn't clearer. Lately I seem to be a bit shakey with my camera. Thanks for looking, Andi
  10. Tuesday my daughter and I delivered the ghan to Jane in the hospital over in Herron. She's been there since Memorial weekend due to being septic, again! She asked that I thank everyone for her beautiful ghan. She was so touched at the kindness showen that tears were shared by her and I. Jane said it will come in handy when she's home especially since her husband has he AC to low she's always bundleing up. Again, thank you all for good thoughts, prayers & squares , Andi
  11. Thank you all for the compliments, they mean a lot to me. I can't wait to give it to Jane. I know we both will need a kleenex or 2 or 3 . At our age (63, Jane is exactly 2 mos older than me) the tears sure do flow. Just a semi quick summary of went she's gone thru. Due to black ice on a return day trip up north, as her van started to slide so did the semi behind her hitting driver's side. Her daughter and granddaughter that were w/her got bumps and brusies. Jane wasn't quite that lucky. She had all but 1 rib broken and 4 fractures to her pelvis. She's been in 5 different hospitals, had 8 o
  12. I wanted to share with all ville members the comfort ghan done for my best friend, Jane. She was in a horrible accident in March. I couldn't have done it without the help of: smith, teakaycee, janni, karishema, bs, marpan79, imanurse55, justvicki, DogCatMom, sopo and my daughter, Colette. Thank you all soooooo much Andi
  13. :clap Put the last border sc in this afternoon. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the members that helped make this project a success and also my daughter who contributed 3 squares between homeschooling 5 kids, recitals and making a "Juliet" costume for the oldest granddaughter who did her first "point" ballet dance a couple of weeks ago. Jane came home May 19th after 12 weeks in hospitals. This past Saturday she was rushed back to Herrin because a really bad infection returned. We're hoping she won't be there long. Again, thank you ladies Andi
  14. So glad the squares arrived. I look forward to seeing the completed ghan. Happy to have been able to help out . Andi
  15. Two squares are in the hands of my mailman. They should arrive in 2 or 3 days I'm guessing. Hope you like them. Prayers being said for you friend.
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