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  1. Just incase. Please be sure that you have the proper identification with you for travelling across the boarder into Canada (Niagara falls, Toronto, North Pole - via CAN). For US citizens. As of June 1st you will need a Passport - 1 for everyone going to Canada. If you don't live in NYS (they are issuing special "drivers licsenses they are more then your normal ID but less then a passport). I only know of the NYS rules because I was just in Niagara Falls this past weekend and was talking with some folks there, doin the research. Other Bordering states may have something similar to the NYS liscence option. If you are from somewhere other than the US, please look up your countries rules for travelling abroad. It sucks being detained at the border!
  2. Yes we were at kampersville. We have hiked I think all the hills around there.
  3. Carrie - we camp at lake Dunmore ALOT. We used to be seasonal there with our RV. Small world.
  4. OK now I really need to finish mine. I started it for the crochet games and still have yet to finish it. I love the fact that you used "real" kitty colors. I did mine all black and orange intending to use it as our October afghan. I think I may finish it by next October. great job on yours!!
  5. In a pinch I take my clear glass bowls make colored water (red for xmas) and buy floating white or green candles(they have these at the dollar store). Set that on the table with a little greenery and garland around it and Woola you ahve a xmas center piece. For T-day, If you have children have them make a paperbag Turkey. Take a normal paper grocery sack and stuff it with newspaper to form your body. cut feather shapes out of construction paper - they can color them too and glue to the back end. for the head use another smaller brown bag glue the head to the bag. You can up googly eyes on the bird if you like or have the kids draw on it. Put turkey on a platter and arrange fake leaves and reall nuts around it
  6. You most likely would want the downtown amtrak station and not the airport one. if you were to take the train.
  7. I'm going to try and figure out these bells in thread as they are very pretty and I know some of mine are upwards of 100 years old I'm afraid to even try to "clean" them with anything.
  8. Darski - I got the Autum leaves one too. No progress on my 'men'. Had lots of vet stuff happening this week.
  9. Those are great and almost EXACTLY what I am looking for for my tree. Many many years ago I inherited hand made bells from my relatives. They look just like yours with the jingle bell inside, however mine are all done in thread. Did you adapt a thread pattern for acryllic yarn?
  10. Hi Everyone, Just checking in - I still have 3 snowmen heads only (no ear muffs or noses) for the candydishes. Didn't get much accomplished. I do have the pattern printed for the snowman stocking though - so there is a start. right:D
  11. You Snowman with the buttons came out so cute. I have heads for 2 complete and am working on a 3rd now. This is between a halloween afghan (it won't be finished for tomorrow, so i'm setting my sites on January!) and a RR for my bedroom. They do work up quickly!
  12. I did see that and printed it out. I'm going to try and make one this year.
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