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    I'm a total craft-a-holic. I love all things crafty! :D
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    crochet, stamped cross-stitch, needlepoint and reading.
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    I love doing fridgies, granny square projects, baby items and charity projects the most.
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    I began crocheting in 2007, though I still consider myself to be somewhat of a beginner. ;)
  1. Hello Everyone! After a hiatus (because I lost my account information) I am happy to be back! I've recently taken to crochet again. I need to basically re-teach myself after dealing with some health stuff and other totally unforeseen circumstances, I had to put the hooks down for a bit. Recently, my blood pressure's decided to become a little funky during the last few weeks of my pregnancy (62 more days to go! Due with our first daughter on 9/28/13!) and I decided to start crocheting again to help aid in relaxing and de-stressing. I was able to ask Amy to help retrieve my information and here I am, happy to be back! I look forward to getting to know everyone and swapping info and patterns again!
  2. Welcome! I'm from Michigan as well. (Saginaw area) I just came back to Crochetville after losing my password for a little bit. I taught myself to crochet during a surgical recovery in 2007. I started again just recently, preparing for the birth of my daughter in September, I need something to de-stress and relax, so I turned back to crochet.
  3. Hello from MI I've been crocheting for a few years now. I hope you enjoy C'ville as much as I do.
  4. Beautiful Snowflake! My boyfriend is in the middle of crocheting one of your other snowflakes for my physical therapist. I taught him to crochet about a month ago now and he loves the challenge and intricate details of threat crochet, especially snowflakes! Thank you for sharing another beauty with us!
  5. Thanks guys! I'm so proud of this project! I started teaching my boyfriend to crochet about three weeks ago. He's picked up everything so fast, he's made tons of projects since he's started. Though I began crocheting in '07, I had to put it down for a while during a bad bought with my health. So now, if there's something that doesn't make sense to me, he helps me figure it out and gives me words of encouragment all of the time! He's awesome. If anyone wants the pattern or would like to see the pattern to see if it makes sense (i tried to explain things as clearly as possible.) feel free to send me a PM
  6. My neice would adore these! You did a wonderful job, they look perfect!
  7. Hiya Everyone! I just wanted to show everyone my first teddy bear. I have the pattern if anyone is interested. I created this bear (Princess Daisy of the Golden Heart Kingdom) for the Critter Contest that Lion Brand is holding. If anyone wants the pattern, feel free to let me know. It's the first pattern I've ever written on my own (with my lovely boyfriend's help!) She's made with Loops & Threads Yarn, button eyes, a few strands of scrap yarn and pony beads for her hair, a small amount of yarn for her smile/nose, some beads for her necklace, some old earrings for her ears and of course, a small tiara and a golden heart shaped button complete her princess look. I crochet very slowly, so she took about four days to complete. I hope the image attachment is okay. I don't know how to upload them anywhere else. Happy Hooking Everyone!
  8. My boyfriend has only been crocheting for a couple of weeks and get this! So far, he's made a hat, an easter egg cozy, 2 scarves, 6 coasters, a dishcloth, 2 cup holders and a doily. He's now working on part of a bag for me and this table runner for our new apartment and he's found at least six typos in patterns since he's began. (Yes, I'm jealous in a teasing way because I crochet slowly and he's lightyears ahead of me, even though I have about four years experience on him!) I am glad to hear that we're not the only ones who are finding pattern mistakes! Thanks for your help!
  9. That would make sense but shouldn't the pattern then have said in the ch-9 sp, instead of ch-9 st? Could it have just been a typo in the pattern? Thanks so much for your help guys! :bheart
  10. Sure can! Here goes: Rnd 6: Sl st to 3rd ch of ch 5, ch 1, sc in same st, *ch 5, sc in next ch-5 sp, ch 9, sc in next ch-5 sp, rep from *, ending with ch 9, sl st to ch 1 at beginning.
  11. I have this hook, and mine is a Susan Bates that was my Nanas. I would say that it's definitely an older Susan Bates.
  12. My boyfriend is doing a beautiful table runner pattern from an old issue of The Workbasket magazine (May of '91, #4 vol. 56, page 14-16) and so far, he's doing a beautiful job on it! However, he's run into a part in the instructions that has confused the both of us. So, if anyone has any advice on how to work this part of the pattern, we'd certainly appreciate it. The part in red is what we don't understand. The pattern reads as follows: Rnd 7: Sl st to third ch of ch 5, ch 1, sc in same st, *ch 1 in ch-9 st, work (5 tr, ch 3, 5 tr), ch 1, sc in ch-5 space, rep from *, ending with ch 1, 5 tr, ch 3, 5 tr, ch 1, sl st to ch 1 at beginning. How is one supposed to work a chain into ch-9 st? Any and all advice is appreciated! to all my fellow crocheters!
  13. Hi! I'm also in Michigan, I've been crocheting for a little over three years now. I absolutely the folks here at Crochetville! There's always someone to chat with, someone willing to help with a pattern or stitch and there's always a discussion to take part in! It's a wonderful place and I certainly hope that you enjoy Crochetville as much as I have over the last couple of years! !
  14. Thank you magiccrochetfan! You made our night so much better! LOL, I know that might sound silly, but you did. My boyfriend just said "Oh, I should've figured that out" but he's only been crocheting for three days and he's made a hat, a flower scarf for me and is now working on some really pretty coasters for us. I envy his ability because when I was on my third day of crocheting, I was still learning how to keep my chains as even as possible and how to do a single crochet. LOL Again, thank you so much for your help!
  15. My boyfriend is doing a pattern for lacy coasters from Crochet Today Magazine (Mar/Apr '08 - page 64) He's doing wonderfully so far, but there's an instruction that's confusing both of us and I'm hoping that the wonderful people here will be able to tell us what to do with this stitch! He doesn't understand the part of the pattern that I've bolded and highlighted with red text. I don't either. Could someone please help us to decipher these particular stitches? The pattern says: R4: Ch 2, DC2tog, [ch3, sc in next ch-2 space, ch 3, DC3tog] 7 times, ch 3, sc in next ch-2 space; join with chain 1, hdc in top of DC2tog (counts as ch-3 space) - 7 DC3tog, 1 DC2tog, 8 sc and 16 ch-3 spaces. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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