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    crochet, reading, wannabe scrapbooker and quilter
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  1. Hi, I've posted pics of an outfit I made for my daughter to wear last weekend to a wedding rehearsal dinner. I was so pleased! Pics are on my blog. Thanks for looking! Carey
  2. I'm having the same trouble in finding a pattern for a 2T/3T longsleeve dress pattern. I'm not that great with sleeves and want something that isn't shortsleeved where I have to modify it. Also, I'm not a very "ruffley" person and don't want all the frills. Any suggestions there?
  3. I don't think that the yarn I used (Caron's Simply Soft) was meant for a day at the pool, but I didn't intend to use it as swim wear (wink, wink). I haven't used it yet, as I'm still working my way into it! It's a great visual incentive to losing weight! Carey
  4. Wow! That's awesome! I took one spinning class so far and I'm almost as clueless as I was before! It's a skill, like riding a bike- you have to manage several things at one time to get it right, but once you get it, you have it for always. At least that's what I'm told! LOL! I helped to shear our sheep this weekend- there's a pic on my blog. Congrats, I think you did a great job spinning! Carey
  5. I was cruising my favorite crochet haunts and saw the Hot Mama Swimsuit pattern that I made a couple of months ago is now available at E-patterns for really cheap! I should point out that I didn't design it, I just made one (see my blog for a pic). So, if you've been wanting to make it and didn't have the copy of Crochet magazine it came from, now's your chance!
  6. I got another project done! The picture is in clothing show and tell under Trellis Boatneck Shell or just to my blog for more pics and details. I'm going to start my next project this weekend (need suggestions by the way) and I'll post more pics of myself by my birthday (June 10th). Thanks for looking! Carey
  7. I did a little searching and discovered she has an etsy store where you can purchase the pattern. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5333346 The Store is called Crochetbay Boutique.
  8. It is really neat isn't? And it's a free pattern (thanks crochetkitten!). It wasn't difficult to make- I'm horrible at liners so that was the hardest part for me. I like the idea of using the Lily cream and sugar yarn because it's washable and won't cut into my skin like the jute probably would while hiking about the beach carrying every beach toy, sunscreen, and beach book I can fit into it!
  9. They are attached with single chains-and then a SC in the next motif. I kept reading the directions as if each "line" from one motif to another needed to be a chain and a ROW of SC. I laid out the motifs before attaching them to try to keep the confusion down. Good luck! I'd love to see yours when it's done! Carey
  10. Hey, you know, you can get that "widget" for your blog for free as well. Click on the "get widget" icon underneath it and it will take you to the free site. You can even create your own widget from your own blog for others to put on theirs! I made one (mostly just to see what it would look like!). It's on my blog along the left side of the page, if you want to look. It was pretty easy to make!
  11. Actually, it was pretty easy to make! The tough part for me was attaching them. I made what should have been easy into something more difficult then it had to be!
  12. Hi, I just posted pics of me to show my progress so far. Thanks for looking! Carey
  13. I just tried it too, and got the same result! I emailed Cindy to ask for another web address. I'll post it when she responds. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I can't wait to wear it! Carey
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