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    Duluth, MN
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    CROCHET!, painting, beading & reading.
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    clothing and purses
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  1. cmg123

    Black and Amethyst Bag

    Love the bag. Ready made linings are great!
  2. cmg123

    Box Stitch purse tested for craftyone

    Love the bag! Nice color too.
  3. cmg123

    My new design -Punkin bottom bags

    What a great idea! Cute too.
  4. cmg123

    Seaside Tote

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  5. cmg123

    Strawberry Cupcake Wristlet

    So cute.
  6. cmg123

    my first try at a "tote"..

    Love it! Great bag for your first try.
  7. cmg123

    Pretty Peekaboos and coin purse

    So cute!
  8. cmg123

    Stash Buster Tote...different yarn

    I really love the colors you choose on this one. Thanks for sharing.
  9. cmg123

    Multi Colored Bird Tote

    Very impressive!
  10. cmg123

    Daisyhead Maisy

    Really cute!
  11. cmg123

    Summer Girls Top ... tested

  12. cmg123

    Ponytail hat

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
  13. cmg123

    Family of Shawls

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  14. cmg123

    A birthday tote for my mom

    Very nice!