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    I taught my brother to crochet spring 2008 as a lark, and the student has surpassed the teacher!
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    Crazy-quilting, embroidering, memorizing sonnets, helping lost apostrophes find their way home
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    Fast and quick
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    Actively crocheting since April 2007
  1. They look really cute! Thanks for the idea, Diana - this will fit into my very weird and limited yarn selection much better than doing a baby afghan. Except for the sandals, I think I've decided to make lots of small things the baby won't be wearing. I have about one ball each of very, VERY different colors (like orange/lime varigated and brown/red varigated and yellow/white varigated . . .) and doing a project that requires more than one ball isn't going to work colorwise.
  2. Thanks, RoseRed! The mail service isn't reliable in Honduras, so online shopping isn't the option for me here that it is in the States. However, I'm glad to see such high praise for JoAnns online and will keep them in mind when I'm living back in the States. You're right - $10 for all that thread is a steal.
  3. Welcome to a brain-picking session! Our neighbors have been extremely generous and friendly with us since we've moved here, and they're expecting their fourth child in February. They don't know the gender yet. I want to give them something superlatively special for their baby, to show our love and appreciation for them. Unfortunately, the frigid depths of winter here have the temperature around 75 degrees Fareneheit, and that only lasts a few weeks. Generally speaking, we're looking at it being in the high 90s most days of the year. I could crochet a cap, but any other thing I can traditionally think of to crochet for a baby - booties, blankets, sweaters, layettes - would be too warm and wouldn't get used. My other difficulty is yarn. I'm not where I can purchase cotton easily, and the acrylic here is very scratchy. I have 6 balls of Peaches N Cream in various, unmatched colors and 4 balls of Sugar N Cream, also in unmatched colors. I could do some soft toys and washcloths. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? I would really love to do something adorable. I did a short search on the Ville, but didn't find a thread quickly that fit this topic. ~ Joy
  4. As Grover would say . . . Hello, everybodeeeeee! I was a very active member here about 2 and a half years ago, but then took on a more time-consuming job and didn't have the screentime to spend on the Ville like I wanted. Now the husband and I are working for a small Christian school in Honduras. I still don't have LOTS of screentime (corralling 5th graders all day takes it outta ya), but I do have a little more. I was recently reminded what a fabulous place this is by a surprise care package from Ville members! A group of you conspired to spend me some gorgeous and lovingly crafted dishcloths and opening the box sent me into a fit of grins and tears. The political situation is not entirely certain right now, and mail is sketchy even in the best of circumstances, so it was a lovely surprise to get that box! I'm looking forward to spending more time here. Hooray for Crochetville! ~ Joy
  5. That is a fun idea! Nothing like a bit of sparkle to make something special.
  6. Wall of gorgeousness indeed! Anyone else have a chance to swing by their local Wally World with similar happiness to report?
  7. Ooooo! I'm loving it! This reminds me - I'd love to have the froggy head hat pattern so I can make a few for Christmas for the neighbor kids. Incredibly, when the temperature drops to a bone-chilling 75 degrees, the hats, scarves, and THERMAL UNDERWEAR comes out here.
  8. Wow, that is so cute and creative! PLEASE wear this hat for Halloween if you don't have anything else planned in the costume department. Did you do anything special for Boo's tongue? Did you make it separately and attach it later, or crochet it as you went?
  9. My husband laughed himself silly, and that's hard to do. Great job! :-)
  10. Wow, I love it! I hope you get lots of great compliments on it while passing out the Fun Size Snickers.
  11. So the two that look like round ripples . . . are they actually round ripples? I've been meaning to try one of those sometime soon, but I've never been able to finish anything as big as a lapghan even. I hadn't considered making one as a dishcloth.
  12. The husband and I joke that, one of these days, the Oxford English Dictionary is going to come knocking to put plarn in the OED. Happy day when they do! I have no idea if I am the first person to say plarn - it's perfectly reasonable to suppose the name could spring up in several places simultaneously - but I LOVE that you documented it and try to give me credit. In dishcloth heaven ~ Joy
  13. I wasn't sure whether to put this here in the "Blogs" section, but I think it fits here a little better. La Gringa's Blogicito (lagringasblogicito.blogspot.com) is a blog that is primarily about politics and expatriate life in Honduras, but the blogger also posts about her crochet projects, particularly plarn. Here's one of her plarn entries: http://lagringasblogicito.blogspot.com/2008/11/la-gringas-recycled-plastic-market-bag.html I think that bag is soooo pretty. The more I see of plarn, the more I like it! I was mostly done with a plarn seat cushion about 4 weeks ago, but I ended up frogging it and using the plarn for an activity at school.
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