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  1. The one that annoys me the most is the "Gee, you don't seem like the kind of person who crochets." Good grief, they act like I have police record of knocking over little old ladies (whom would knit or crochet, of course), or go around stepping on little animals. AAAHHHHH! As far as the comment of getting it cheaper at Wal-mart, I'd tell them, "Good, you should do that. That means you are one less person I have to make something for!"
  2. I had a friend teach me how to crochet, then tried to teach me how to knit. I just don't understand knitting. It seems very difficult to me and takes forever (maybe cause I'm slow). I don't really enjoy it much, so I am going to try to enjoy crocheting for a couple of years, then see if knitting calls my name.
  3. Holy schmoley! That is unbelievable! I am in awe and wish it was possible to reach through the screen just to touch the textures. I'll bet it's amazing. I sure hope to see this in a magazine. You should submit it somewhere. What an artist!
  4. I would go report them on ripoffreport.com. I love that site and you can make complaints on situations like that. It is for everyone, not just against folks who are part of the BBB. I hope you get some justice on this one. I don't understand folks these days. Sigh.
  5. frogbeer


    Crap, I put in a bid for that one on ebay, but lost it. Doggone it! I really want that pattern too! Annie's Attic seriously needs to rerelease this. It's pretty obvious it would be a best seller. Has anyone heard when and if they are planning on rereleasing this?
  6. That one book looks PERFECT!!! I'm going to have to purchase that bad boy! Thanks!
  7. Hello, does anyone know of any books or patterns anywhere for a crocheted nutcracker type doll? Thanks.
  8. Oh! Me too please! I would LOVE a copy of that pattern. My email is msmith33@insightbb.com. Thanks! It's so pretty!
  9. I would definitely say flattered! My husband loves to see me, but my animals are different. No matter how bad my hair looks, or how rotten of customers I had at work that day, or if I gained 5 pounds that week, NO ONE loves you like your critters. They forgive everything, expect nothing, and adore you for no specific reason at all. They just love ya. I vote make them their own blankies too! After all, they're probably some of the best friends you'll ever have, they don't lie, and they would probably die for you. Also, it's a great way to get rid of all that extra yarn you can't make a full project out of, since most animals don't care how ugly something snuggly is.
  10. Funny enough, at work, I recently was told by SEVERAL people that I DON'T look like the kind of person who crochets. (My personality is a little rough around the edges at work, and I am known for my sarcasm.) In response, I told them my parole officer was making me take up crochet to help with my anger management (not true, just so you know! LOL!) They usually just look confused for a minute, then realize I'm joking and laugh. The good thing is that there are a couple of other folks in the store who don't feel embarrassed to bring in their little projects to work on during lunch. They figure, 'if she doesn't care what people think, why should I?' Also kinda cool is how many guys have stepped up and admitted that they can or still do crochet or knit! Yay!
  11. I'm having a major issue lately of my scarves and blankies getting smaller as I go. I keep counting the stitches, but they seem to be the same all the way through. I thought that maybe I'm starting the stitches too tight and getting looser as I go. I can't figure it out and have had to change the item into something different in order to make the problem less noticeable. Two scarves have turned into purses, with narrow flaps. They are pretty cute, but I've got to stop doing this or I'll never get done with my Christmas list! I appreciate your insight. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your help!
  13. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone had a free pattern for diabetic socks. My hubby has diabetes and his legs are badly discolored. He said he would love a pair of crochet socks for Christmas. He is a size 13W shoe size. The easier the pattern, the better, as I'm still really new to this and not too good at it yet! :manyheart
  14. Yeah, we have some breeders near here. Mostly in Ohio. But both of my little darlings are rescues. I can't wait until you're finished with the pattern!!! Please let me know how to get a copy!!! This will be great as an auction or donation item for our rescues! Thanks so much and I'll keep an eye out on this thread or you can PM me!
  15. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had a pattern for or knew where I could get a pattern for a crocheted sugar glider. I'd like a somewhat easy pattern for a stuffed sugar glider toy (like the amurigumi dolls). I know that some folks are going "What in the world is a sugar glider?" It is a small marsupial originating from Australia and Indonesia. They are quite adorable and it is very hard to find anything that involves crocheting concerning them. They look similar to a southern flying squirrel, although they are no relation at all. I am hoping to make some of these for some sugar glider rescue events coming up and for some close friends who also love these little critters. Thank you to all who help!!!
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