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  1. I'm left handed and tried entrelac crochet recently and I got incredibly frustrated because it looks so different from the pictures! I know my normal stuff looks different from right handed work but this was just confusing me. Anyone else? How did you learn then? Thanks!
  2. It is beautiful. I have to try this.
  3. No, in order to do that I would have had to buy more yarn and it would have been another hours drive But maybe on the next one I do. I did run across the back with a round of sc to hold the seams together better since it would be a child's blanket.
  4. That is not bad. I think I used two full skeins of each color plus part of another for each as well. It takes a LOT of yarn and the Vanna's was the 7 oz size for $4.97/skein at Walmart. So it gets expensive FAST. But I love the pattern.
  5. You had me freaking for a moment, Sara! LOL I was wondering how someone knew her name! I am hoping to. It's more of a dusty blue and chocolate color. I looooove these two together.
  6. I have too! It's like torture. I've even gone as far as to use some gloves when I really wanted to work on a project but couldn't take the pain from the yarn any more.
  7. I bring it to work everyday. People always ask me how my afghan is coming and what I'm working on. Sometimes I just wish they'd hush up and let me work! lol But it's nice that people want to see what you are working on. If I could just get them to stop picking up my afghan and touching it as I work (this is a BIG pet peeve of mine) I'd be fine. Just ignore them and keep crocheting.
  8. I usually do. Many of my patterns are just worked up from stitch memory or changed just a little from the original patterns.
  9. I really, REALLY want to learn how to quilt. Piecing together and hand stitching on the finished product.
  10. Thanks everyone! Sometime soon here (I hope) I'm going to try and make a large one for our bed out of Vanna's Choice Chocolate and Dusty blue.
  11. It wasn't really. It wasn't even that time consuming to do. I finished it within a month and I was working on two other blankets too and finished up those as well. I crochet during my breaks at work and a little at home while watching tv, try to every day but it doesn't always work. I really wanted to buy the pattern too but I never got around to it and then just decided to try it on my own.
  12. This pattern is based off my looking at a Mary Maxim pattern and as such, I don't feel comfortable sharing it. Sorry. It's for my niece, Esther, who was born a week before Thanksgiving. My husband's family does a big New Year's bash so we'll see them tomorrow, and I'm going to give it to her then. I hope they like it! This is width wise: Length: My daughter (2, 3 next month) had to get in on the camera action: Her daddy decided to cover her face in fake tattoos from Grandma while I was at work on Saturday, this is a few baths later.
  13. I did buy a new package. i had to get a large set when I only needed the one needle which annoyed me. I can't believe the stores around here don't sell JUST the yarn needles! I am whip stitching them together. It's not fun to do with a crochet hook though.
  14. At some point in the last 24 hours of carting my project from work, to home, to my mother's house, home again. I lost my LAST needle to attach the squares I'm making and now I have to use the hook to do it. With the ruffled edges it's really difficult. I'm making this: http://www.marymaxim.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10001_10054_3074457345616808222_-1_15046_15047 I just looked at the pattern and made up my own (surprised completely that it actually WORKED.) So, you can see that I have to sew together behind the ruffles. And it has to be done by Thursday. Gah.
  15. For me, I don't hate it when I start it. It's realizing 2/3 through that the work you put into it is a LOT more than you thought it was going to be. And you're so close to finished that you just keep going. Or someone paid for it already and you have to finish it.
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