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  1. Hmmm...I recently made a hat for my husband with Vanna's Choice, and had to rip it out a couple times (my first hat, what a learning experience!) and I didn't notice any fuzziness problems. But I only ripped back a couple times. I have had other brands of yarn end up "worn out" after multiple rippings.
  2. I'm sooooo close to getting some points, but that dang skein of yarn just isn't small enough yet! Next week though! WTD 0/YTD -25
  3. Every pattern I've used that referred to the joining chain or joining stitch meant just that - the chain or stitch in which you joined the round to complete it. So "sc around post of joining dc" would mean you do the sc around the post of the dc you slip-stitched into to join the round (I don't have this particular pattern either, but I'm guessing the round probably started with a ch2 or ch3, which you count as the first dc). "sc in same ch as joining" means to make a sc into the ch you slip-stitched into to join the round.
  4. Pound of Love is technically worsted weight, but it's noticeably thinner than Red Heart. I've made several blankets with a Pound of Love (which is literally a pound - 16 ounces) and almost always had some left to spare, but have made the exact same pattern with Red Heart and used three full 7 ounce skeins and had to break into a 4th one to finish it (about 22 ounces total). Any worsted weight will work but you will likely need more of it.
  5. Yarns: Vanna's Choice, Caron One Pound, Red Heart Super Saver, Homespun, and Peaches and Cream and Sugar and Cream. All easy care, relatively inexpensive, and soft. Threads: Knit-Cro-Sheen and Aunt Lydia's size 10. I don't work with thread a lot, but those are the one's I like the most of what I've tried.
  6. Crocheted like mad all week and still no skeins finished. I made a baby round ripple with a couple pounders but they're still both about half-full, and I had to start over on the hat I'm making my husband so a whole day's worth of crocheting got frogged. Oh well! Maybe next week I'll have something to report. WTD 0/YTD -25
  7. I've been very lucky so far (knock on wood!) that none of my items have ended up unraveled, damaged, or destroyed. At least not to my knowledge! The worst that has happened so far - and this really is heartbreaking to me - is that items I've given to people have been packed away and never used. My grandmother labeled and packed everything I ever made her in a special drawer (with all the other pretty things other people had made her!) and continued to use the same old ratty dishrags and pillowcases. It was sweet of her that she thought the things I'd made were that special, but I don't believe in saving things for special occasions. I wish she had used them. It also broke my heart on our last visit to my in-laws to find the dish cloths I'd made crammed in the back of the towel drawer in the kitchen, never used, and the shawl I'd made my MIL buried at the bottom of a tote of bed linens for the king-sized bed they no longer had, so it had been there a while (she emptied out the tote while we were there for us to take some stuff home in). They use the no-sew fleece blanket I made them on an almost daily basis, but never the crochet stuff. I know once you give a gift, it's out of your hands what the recipients do with it, but I sure wish they'd use it! Maybe I should try making them an afghan...
  8. I've been working on a baby round ripple, but the pounders I'm using haven't gotten anywhere close to ball stage yet! I did have to buy some yarn yesterday to make a birthday present for my hubby - as usual, I NEVER have the right colors in my stash! But since it's for his birthday present I don't even feel guilty. It's just two skeins of Vanna's Choice and I'll use most of it up on his gift this month. I'm still confident that I can get back into the positives by year's end! WTD -4/YTD -25
  9. I always wash (I don't make anything that isn't machine washable). I use the dye-and-fragrance free detergent and dryer sheets all the time anyway, so odds are it's not going to aggravate anyone's allergies. I always include washing instructions because I've had a number of people be afraid to use things I've made them because "What if it gets dirty?!" I like to wash everything before I give it away because I think it makes it softer and gives you a better feel for the drape of the item. Plus as someone else said, you see where your end pop out and need more weaving in or a trim. I don't have any pets or smokers in the house, but I just feel better giving something away all clean and pristine.
  10. Oh my goodness! I am late to the Round Ripple party but I finally started my first one last night, and I can't believe I waited so long! I've only done 9 rounds but it's already so beautiful and fun that I foresee many more of these in my future. I am using Crochet Dad's nine-point ripple pattern (thanks for sharing Gene!) and Caron One Pound in lilac and deep violet and I'm basing my rounds on the Fibonacci sequence (5, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 1, 1, 5...). It will be a baby blanket for my cousin and his wife and their new little girl. They're even bigger math geeks than I am - they both majored in it in college, where I only minored! - so I'm hopeful they'll catch the sequence. (I seriously considered using the digits of Pi, but maybe I'll do that on my next one!) I have to share what they named their new little girl - Ariel! But no, she's not named after me. I use a different internet handle for e-mail and contact with my family, so they don't know me as ArielManx. It sure cracked me up, though!
  11. When I was about 11 or 12, I asked my dad's cousin (who was like an aunt to me) if she'd teach me to crochet. She made the most beautiful doilies and I wanted to make them too! But she insisted that crochet would be too hard for me to learn, and taught me how to knit instead. Well! Since knitting wasn't what I wanted to do, it didn't stick, so I abandoned yarn and went back to my embroidery. (My maternal grandmother crocheted a bit, but wasn't patient enough to teach me - loved that woman dearly, but patient she was not!) Fast forward about 15 years. My job was stressful, and I was developing some health problems from it, and I wanted something more than embroidery to relax me. The wife of one of my co-workers was a very talented knitter and crocheter, and I remembered, "Hey, I always wanted to learn how to do that!" So I went to Michael's and bought a Susan Bates learn to crochet kit. I struggled with my first couple projects, then I needed a hook that hadn't been in the kit, and I bought a Boye hook - and the heavens opened! That was 4 years ago, and it's been pretty much non-stop crochet ever since. Ironically, those doilies I wanted to learn so many years ago? I've yet to make one.
  12. Not a good crocheting week here. DH had a root canal, plus I was super busy with laying out our next book. I got a plush sewed together early in the week, then tried starting on the motifs for the next plush in the set, and I just can't get it to turn out right for some reason. After much frogging I put it aside. Maybe next week will be better! WTD 0/YTD -21
  13. Oh goodness no, I don't mind! We have started our own publishing company - 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming - and produce tabletop fantasy gaming products that are compatible with Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Our first book is The Book of Arcane Magic: A Sourcebook for Bards, Sorcerers and Wizards. It went on sale last week and we are very pleased with sales so far! I don't want to post a link to our distributor or another retailer and get in trouble for advertising, so here's the link to our website with all the info! http://www.4windsfantasygaming.com/
  14. I better go ahead and post my score today - my husband and I published our first book, and have a book signing tomorrow. I was hoping I'd get rid of a full skein this week making a plushie, but there's still some of it left. At least I'm in the positives! WTD +1/YTD -21
  15. I'm going to wait with posting my score until the end of the week (don't want to count my chickens before they're hatched! ) but I will get into the positive range again, finally, after a few weeks in a row at 0. I had to stop at JoAnn's yesterday for some new yarn needles and they've remodeled the yarn section. It looks like it's bigger, though I'm not sure that there actually was more yarn, just more space for it. I resisted the call of the clearance yarn, but it was difficult. Does anyone else's JoAnn's look picked over all the time? For months now - heck, probably close to a year - when you first walk in our store you'd swear they were getting ready to close, because everything up front is so empty. Not sold-out empty, just empty! Elsewhere throughout the store there are always empty shelves, empty yarn baskets, etc. The only part that always looks fully stocked is the fabric.
  16. Ugh, another week of not getting much done. I sewed together a 10-piece plushie, but that sure didn't use any extra yarn (I left long tails on the pieces for sewing!). I have GOT to get off my butt next week and get to work on some baby gifts! And Christmas (yeah, I said the "c" word ) is right around the corner and I don't even have any plans for gifts yet. I'm in so much trouble... WTD 0/YTD -22
  17. I was also going to say Warm Brown - but the best way to tell for sure would be to take a little piece of it with you to the store to compare. Colors show up a little differently on everyone's computer screens.
  18. Yup, I got my Lion Brand newsletter too. Good news indeed!
  19. Caron One Pound is a great value for large projects. They have a very rich forest green and a country rose color that isn't a deep burgundy, but is very pretty. http://www.caron.com/color_cards/cc_onepound.html If you want a very warm afghan, I'd recommend RoseRed's flannel-ghan pattern http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=42711 It's warm and just gorgeous! Big grannies are great bed afghans too, and since king size beds are almost square anyway, it would be easy to make one the right size.
  20. Are you saying that the aster was described as a delicate purple flower? If that's the case, "delicate" is referring to the flower, not the color - it's a delicate flower that is purple in color.
  21. What's the context? Is this something a pattern is calling for? I would think it means light purple, like lavender or lilac (a delicate shade), but without knowing a little more about the context I can't be sure.
  22. No gain this week, but no loss either! I have GOT to get to work on some gifts, so maybe next week I'll start making some headway. Of course, I've been saying that for several weeks now... WTD 0/YTD -22
  23. ArielManx

    Ridgy Slippers

    Here's how I read it. I've never made this pattern but it sounds a lot like one I've seen before. Count 13 stitches in from one end of your work (that piece you just completed), and join your yarn in the 14th one. You've just skipped the first 13 stitches. Now that you have the yarn joined, crochet across 30 sc, then chain one and turn - you've left the last 13 stitches on the first piece unworked. Keep working back and forth just on this shorter 30-stitch segment for the 15 rows total, this will form the toe part of the slipper. With that long yarn tail, weave your needle in and out along the last row of stitches, like you were putting in a drawstring, then pull the yarn tight. That will gather the end together and form the toe. It will bring the two outside edges together and that is the seam you're supposed to sew. Then sew up the back seam (again, the edges that come together) then fold down the top for the cuff. Hope that helped!
  24. I've never tried it myself (been lucky enough not to spill anything, knock on wood!), but whenever this topic comes up, the recommendation always is to stick the skein inside a knee-high nylon, or the cut-off leg off an old pair of pantyhose, tie it shut, and toss it in the wash. It must work or people wouldn't keep suggesting it!
  25. I haven't bought any yet, but I petted it the last time I was in Michael's. I thought it felt great and had very nice colors! I'm looking forward to trying it.
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