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    A very crafty woman.
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    Salem,Mass. USA
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    I like to read, sew, knit, crochet, and many needlecrafts.
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    since I was 12 or 13 years old.
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    collars,shawls or anything that catches my interest
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  1. mathwizard

    Just finished!

    Beautiful! I call it thinking outside the box. Some designers/authors don't appreciate you changing their designs. I did that and gave credit to the designer for the part of her design that I used and pointed out the rest was my creation! Keep it up because creativity is important!!
  2. mathwizard

    Lace Trim

    Add a bit more you would have a beautiful collar or necklace!
  3. mathwizard

    What's on your needles right now?

    A black vest, tie, two afghans, sweater, 5 pairs of socks on 3 needles and that is just my knitting projects. Crochet is another story as well as other needlework projects. Variety is the spice of life!
  4. mathwizard


    There are more pictures on Raverly and my name there is Mathwizard http://www.ravelry.com/projects/mathwizard/cabled-hoody
  5. mathwizard


    I made this for my son who is modeling it at LYS because we swapped favors. I did lots for him and he owed me one,lol. He was on vacation at the time. The pattern is a Mari pattern. For once I followed the pattern and made only increases in length fronts and back because my son is long in body.
  6. mathwizard

    Finally finished my Cable Yoke Pullover!

    Very niceI. I really like the cables.
  7. mathwizard

    Momentos Occasions- doily #2

    Very nicely made! Awesome!
  8. mathwizard

    Starshine Doily for March-Green Picture

    Very nice, Sunny!
  9. mathwizard

    Can anyone tell me about this?

    It is also a stitch called Catherine's Wheel. I just started a baby blanket for a friend. I find it very easy!
  10. mathwizard

    So who is a member of CGOA?

    I belong to the guild but no longer review portfolios at this time. Since I both knit and crochet, I belong to both guilds. I go to LYS for both knitting and crochet is done there. Not many do crocheting but I hope it increases!
  11. mathwizard

    CGOA Masters Program

    I did the program a few years back and now I review the portfolios for the Masters Program. All I can say is DO NOT USE DARK YARN OR THREAD! I can tell you to be your own worst critic and don't be afraid to do a swatch more than once. Make all the stitches consistent in size and the rows as well. Hid all ends using 6 inches of a tail and make sure they can't be seen as it is one of many things checked by the reviewer. Don't be afraid to use thread as the bullion stitch and a few other swatches are better viewed;) when done in thread. GOOD LUCK AND happy crocheting!!!
  12. mathwizard

    So who is a member of CGOA?

    I am a member and I also am a reviewer. I am one of the people who review the portfolios of the Masters program.
  13. mathwizard

    I Can't seem to stop!!! My Newest Doily Design

    I see wheat and it is very nicely done!
  14. mathwizard

    French Pink Roses In Vines!!!

    What a beautiful doily! i love someone who is outside the box. I too crochet and let my fingers carry me along.
  15. It is so beautiful!!! When you are ready to sell let me know as I would like the pattern!!