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    Work from home.. So I have plenty of time for my crafting, and I do lots of it. :)
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  1. Hello all I have had many medical issues come up and since they have come up I have been on bed rest for some time now, still on bed rest this is so drawn out. I have pretty much drawn into myself over the last year being stuck in bed all this time did a number on my emotional state. And having to be on Oyxgen all the time now kinda has me down.. I stopped breathing about three months ago due to the deep curve in my spine not giving my lungs room in my chest and from a case of phnemoina (sp?) I had and did not know that I have it landed me in ICU for three days in a medicaly induced coma and on life they woke me up on the third day and kept me in the hospital for another week because my oxygen levels were staying low. So I have had allot going on I am starting to feel better and I am always taking the circles. I just have not been around or rather have not been feeling social for a while now that's getting old and I am wanting to be social again and start helping out again I am currently doing baby hats with a neighbor for a local hospital but would love to get back to this work as well. I love everything everyone here has done to help me with these and my local woman's shelter loved the ones taken to them a little over a year ago so your Yoyo's have found others to touch. I do them in 12" squares that are 4x4 yoyos and then the 12" squares are sewn together to make an afghan that is 3x4 for a total of 12 squares I know this was asked just trying to clear that up. So if anyone wants to send squares or scrap yarn that will be used in putting the yoyo's into square format I am still open to take all donations to do so as always just pm me here and I will send you the address that I can recieve them at. THank you all for being here for me over the years and for being a big part of helping me brighten the lives of others. I really could not have been doing it without your help! Ladydaydreamer Trying to get better one day at a time.
  2. I am working on last minute gifts for my three little nephews and all are boys and each is getting a dino beanie with the long tail in the back with spikes but what I would like to do is to make them a little dino toy to match there hats.. Anyone with a few links to easy dino toys would be a big big help. Thanks Kristy
  3. Lovely Bears, Would you mind telling me what program they are going too I am here in Myrtle Beach too and could help maybe for the coming 2014 season? Kristy
  4. Thank you i just bought the tissue cover couch one and plan on making it on a smaller hook and not doing the opening that way she should have a nice seat to be displayed on. Kristy
  5. I have looked at that one and thought about it she is the size a Bratz doll maybe a litle shorter or the size of the current Monster high dolls, a bit shorter than a barbie. Those are the closest things I have to compare her too.. Well I don't have them but I have seen them close to each other in the store. Thank you for your help with this Kristy
  6. My guy got me a Pinkie Pie Doll for Christmas and I love her but I need a free crochet Pattern for a Doll chair so she can have a nice place to sit her plastic tushy. Any help would be great.. Just want to get her tush up off the cold wood of my desk. Thank you! Kristy
  7. Thank you again for the link to the PDF I just bought it and will have it on multiple back ups you really helped so much!!!
  8. Thank you that's great such a help and pdf is perfect you ladies are the best! Love you all.
  9. Oh my goodness I am glad I found this Cal because goodness knows I need to have a few friends keep me on track it's a huge lists and I am in stress mode. 1. 20 candy cane covers 2/20 done 2. 7 sock monkeys for nieces and nephews Christmas gifts 3. 7 Indoor snow ball fight snowman bags for neices and nephews Christmas gifts 4. 2 Pill-ows for my brother and sister for Christmas gifts 5. Various Dish Clothes for Neighbors and friends Christmas gifts This is all I have off the top of my head for now but what worries me are the more to come as I keep thinking and working.. Ekk this is so scarey lol time for Holiday movies and music and hooks in overtime. Editing to add Starting photo of two things that are done I hope to add a new photo a day till the list is empty!!
  10. The covers will be given at a party I had been invited too each person was to hand make 20 ornaments and swap them at the party I have 18 covers left to make and the little Snow lady is a special one made for the party's hostess. I hope they all enjoy them looking for something fast seeing as I have a huge holiday list of things I need to get done for gifts this year. Hope all your hooks are hopping with happiness. Kristy
  11. How sweet these will look great on a tree.
  12. Goodness hun your going to have to blow the flames off your hooks!! Great work and so many wow I am in awe.
  13. So cute and festive.. I love seeing these so maybe I'll get myself into high gear!!
  14. I have bought this book two times already and through many moves and a few bad relationships I keep loosing my copies of it. I really only want the snowman in this one and wondered if there was a way to buy or trade just that one from someone here .. I hate to ask but it's really the only one I want out of the little book.. Warmest Wishes Guys and heres to a happy hooking holiday this year. Kristy
  15. Well I tend to add a few more outer rounds to the last round on each so I can get the square to be a 12inch and then I use 12 squares 3 wide by 4 long.. and one last boarder all the way around.
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