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    Kristy Fletcher
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    Work from home.. So I have plenty of time for my crafting, and I do lots of it. :)
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    Conway, SC
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    Crochet,bead working, other small crafts.
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    Full time crafter
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    Love to make the little animals.
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  1. Morning Ladies! I am working on trying to get one started out right I think I have started over goodness knows how many times now lol... But I am sure I'll figure it out at some point! Kristy:c9
  2. I have a question. I am starting one today and well how many rows do you do before it starts to take shape I just keep getting the feeling I am doing something wrong . Any advice would be so very helpful I have these pretty colors here begging me to turn them into something lol... Kristy:c9
  3. I would love to join in this one these look great! Does anyone have a link to the pattern for them or where I could buy a pattern for one I would love to make one up! Kristy:c9
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