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  1. WOW! I haven't seen that one before - I LOVE the sleeves - thank you for pointing that out - I'm off to find it! Thank you for helping me out - I really appreciate it!
  2. I haven't been here in so long, that I don't even know where to start! I'm looking for a sweet and simple tie front shrug pattern that I don't have to modify. I haven't crocheted since the summer and need to get back into it. I saw a cute shrug like I want in the Wal Mart ad - it was chocolate in color (just love the new spring colors!) If you know of a pattern that I can buy or have for free, I would appreciate a link posted here or a PM. Thank you so much!
  3. Ok - I think I found it! There's a shade of TLC Essentials called Surf & Turf that has those colors together, plus they have a light blue called "robin egg" - i bet that's it - COOL! I would love these colors in a ripple afghan. It's not up on the Coats & Clark website yet - but Herrschner's has it and I saw a sample card at yarn-paradise.com. Thank you!! I'm sure there's bound to be more coming out since it seems to be so "in".
  4. i'm trying to find a new variegated color of yarn i saw in a joann's ad and mistakenly threw away - the showed three skeins of yarn about two-three weeks ago - chocolate color and the variegated was blues, browns and creams i think - does anyone know what brand this yarn was or what i'm talking about? it's so hot right now - i'm seeing these shades in clothes, scrapbook supplies and home decor everywhere - the blue is really light - like robin's egg blue - just so pretty together! any help would be great!
  5. It's gorgeous, Deneen! Now I must go find all my single skeins of Homespun! I love one skein projects and I LOVE scarves and I double love larger hooks!
  6. I don't know if this will help, but I checked out the website and there is an e-mail at the very bottom of the page with the name Morgan Hicks in it. Morgan Hicks is a member of the CGOA and has another website which I've included below. Maybe the CGOA would have more info, but based on that - it sounds like a good deal. That scramble looks dizzying - I'm sure I would go weak in the knees to be there in person! http://www.sweatersbydesign.com/
  7. My beautiful scarf arrived today! I just wanted to post a very heartfelt thank you - Tiff - it's gorgeous and I love the yarn and patterns you included as well. I will take some photos very soon - just wanted you to know it arrived safely and has found a loving home!
  8. That is SO cute!!!!! Awesome job!
  9. All these scarves are gorgeous!!!
  10. Yeah...and it doesn't look a thing like the one in the movie.....and so continues my love/hate relationship with LB.
  11. 123mama - your package was mailed out yesterday! I can't remember now if it went first class or priority - but it will be there very soon!
  12. 123mama - UPDATE! I'm am finishing up scarf #3 for you and will be mailing very soon! I will post another update when they all head out in the mail! There was a delay in receiving the pattern I ordered and I got started later than I hoped!
  13. What if we buy yarn, but don't crochet with it? Lion Brand sent out an e-mail with the CUTEST make it yourself Mother's Day cards and I don't have any of that ribbon stuff on hand - the LB Incredible. If we buy ONE ball and use it to embellish a card, does it count? Am I cheating? I'm just trying to please my Mommy! Well, in any case....I am using my stash...made a soda can cozy over the weekend with many requests for more...plus a new pillowghan in the works along with the stash bustin afghan I already started....
  14. Yikes! Stash busting huh? And a button? Man, you're killing me here... Ok. I'll do it. So that means I better get out and buy all the yarn I can today just to get it out of my system. You know...for the good of humanity and all. Actually....I've been thinking about this in the midst of my blogging angst and I started an afghan with a bag of yarn I had in my closet. It was for a Bernat Kit and I don't feel like doing the pattern, so I'm winging it holding two strands with my favorite Pink P hook.... AND I didn't buy any yarn last time I was out.... But let's look at it this way - we can still get patterns, right? Because we need some direction for destashing....
  15. I thought I was about ready to mail my package and then I found a really cute pattern - I've ordered it and should get it this week and I'll be able to work on it this weekend. So, I guess I'll just add it to the package - hopefully to be mailed by the end of next week!