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  1. I believe that laceweight is closer to #10 yarn.
  2. I have a new free purse pattern available on my blog. It's called Candy Cane Tote. Enjoy!
  3. I still need testers for this pattern. Please PM me if you are interested.
  4. I'm in need of another batch of testers (2 - 3, please) for my Candy Cane Tote pattern. This one is my first felted design that incorporates a little superwash wool for effect. It is a very simple project (Beginner in my opinion) and takes very little time to make. I would like the test to be completed within 1 week. Three skeins of worsted weight wool in three different colors will be plenty to complete this bag. Sample below was created with Paton's Classic Merino and JoAnn's Sensations Tesoro (Discontinued). PM me if you are an experienced tester and have time to work on this cutie of a bag.
  5. Fourth Quarter is HERE! Ok, so I'm a day late... Oops! I updated my list in the first post of the thread. Last quarter I didn't get much of the list done, but some of it worked on. I did finish my Lace Hem Topping and it was a minor disaster, but a massive learning experience. Now I'm working on a knitted afghan square for a friend. I am also knitting a sweater for my 4 yo DD, Evie, called Little Miss Strawberry from the March 2008 Creative Knitting. I also have a wool vest for myself on a pair of needles that I'd like to finish. The afghans for my parents are still the bane of my existance, but I got a good portion of my step-father's done during the Olympics, so it's got progress on it. I'm back in school now and I'm busy with nursing classes, so time to knit and crochet is at a premium. I wish everyone luck in getting their projects done!
  6. I love how yours turned out! Thank you so much for testing for me! I hope you enjoy your purse.
  7. I have this pattern hosted for Bec on my blog. The link is in my signature below. Feel free to pm me if there are problems getting the pattern.
  8. I'm so happy you liked everything! I had a lot of fun swapping with you.
  9. Hi everyone! For the Purse/Tote swap, I ended up swapping with two partners and I was ambitious enough to try to design two purses for the swap. Here is the second design, Candy Cane Tote. It was my first felted project. I used Patons Classic Merino for the green and burgundy, and the white was a discontinued JoAnn Sensations wool yarn that to my surprise didn't actually felt like the rest of the bag. I really liked the end result though. Let me know what you think. I'll be requesting testers for it soon.
  10. Kim, that is a stunning tunic! I absolutely love it! It has been added to my Ravelry queue.
  11. Thanks for the compliments everyone! I now have an open call for testers in the Seeking Pattern Testers forum for anyone who may be interested.
  12. I have a new purse design that I would like to have tested. Here's the pic: I am considering this to be an intermediate pattern. The prototype was made with two colors of worsted weight yarn, one variegated, the other solid. It is lined, so basic sewing skills are required for completion of this pattern. I would like three experienced testers (please include your references in your PM) who excel at providing useful feedback on patterns. I expect the pattern to be made following the instructions explicitly and no "interpretations". If something is not clear I require that you ask me to clarify. The required turnaround is 2 weeks. If you are interested in testing, please send me a PM. TESTERS HAVE BEEN FOUND Thank you,
  13. Hey Everybody! It's been a long time since I've posted anything in show-n-tell. I swear I've been making things, just not posting them. I know, I'm terrible. lol Here is one of my latest designs: Stained Stonewash Purse I designed this one for one of my Purse Swap partners (sheryl*) and now that she's received it I can share. It is made from RHSS in Blueberry Pie and Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue (the trim). It has a zipped closure and is lined in the same navy blue fabric that I made the handles out of. I will be posting a request for testers soon.
  14. I received my package from Patti/Sheryl* today. Below are the goodies I received from her. Here are the goodies I got from Debi/nana (with the exception of a pair of bamboo knitting needles that have been put to use already ). I was truly blessed to have two wonderful swap partners. I hope they enjoy their goodies as much as I am going to enjoy mine!
  15. I received my package from nana/Debi yesterday and will post a photo and rundown of the goodies later tonight. Thank you so much Debi!
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