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  1. I've been crocheting for as long as I can remember, and my grandmother taught me knitting sometime after that. -_^ She taught me the English method (using your right hand to 'throw' the yarn) and the slow progress of it just frustrated me. This autumn I learned how to knit Continental style ('picking' at the yarn held in your left hand) and it's made all the difference. Swapping between knit and purl stitches is a breeze, and I get to use the same yarn grip I use for crochet. It still takes forever, but it's a little more tolerable. All of this being said, I still like crochet more. It's easier on my wrists and is more calming for me. And I think that crochet doilies are much more stunning than knitted ones. ^_^
  2. Great job! I also admire your patience--I did this doily a few months ago and found all of the trebles frustrating! Yours came out beautifully though--nice!
  3. I work from the skein unless I just half that awful stringy quarter skein left, then I wind it. When I work, though, I make sure to pull out some yarn and work from that--the tension changes that can happen as the yarn comes out of different parts of the skein bothers me.
  4. If you're planning the runner for a highly used area, the colored will do a better job covering up little dribbles of makeup or what have you inbetween washings. I agree with most everyone--like the colored, though the plain may be more "timeless".
  5. Kazen

    Symbol patterns

    If you can get your hands on the harmony stitch guides those have symbols for each pattern stitch. Also, if you don't mind a foreign language in the mix you can broaden your search to international sites. I'm not sure about Europe, but at least in Japan symbol patterns are very very common.
  6. I guess my advice is to play around, try out what hooks you can, and see what works for you. The Bates/Boyle debate is a never ending one. (Personally it's vintage Lee Wards hooks for me. )
  7. I love it! I bookmarked the pattern immediately. ^_^
  8. My grandmother swears by a sugar water solution her mother used, but I wouldn't suggest it--don't want to invite ants! Otherwise, you may just want to try blocking one without starch first, to see what you get. You may be surprised. ^_^ As for pinning round--a good idea is to draw (or download and print out, I saw one somewhere) a doily pinning sheet--it bascially looks like a bullseye. Put some plastic wrap over that on your board and start pinning. You can use the circles to keep all parts of the doily even and to judge things as you pin. No need for it to come out square. ^_^
  9. Justin, welcome to the 'ville, and to the addiction-like symptoms crocheting can bring on!
  10. Our very own Jaclim sells thread on her blog as well, in a gorgeous array of colors. (Hope you don't mind me mentioning you!)
  11. Nice job with it. ^_^ I like starched snowflakes meself, but this one looks like it may be able to hold up either way.
  12. Sooooo cute! I'm sure it will be well loved ^_^
  13. Welcome from San Francisco! ^_^
  14. If "Native Upstater" or "Native New York-Stater" ("Native NYSer?") sounded a little better I might've used one of them instead!
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