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  1. Awe, it's cute!! Thanks for sharing the pattern!! ~*~ Jocey
  2. That site has some really cute animals. I keep wanting to make the birds, but can never find the site in my bookmarks folder. Thanks!! ~*~ Jocey
  3. Oh wow!! It's going to take me forever to go through all the linked sites I have, but I can't wait to get started!! ~*~ Jocey
  4. I love the Japanese amigurumi patterns, and want to make so many of them. I've seen lots of people talking about the Japanese books and about how good they are but... how on earth do you read them!? If I could figure out that one little hitch.. I'd be set! ~*~ Jocey
  5. From one newbie to another, welcome!! ~*~ Jocey
  6. Oh, those are so sweet!! I want kids that I can make those for. ~*~ Jocey
  7. So after a few days of lurking, and wishing I could be as awesome as all of you... I signed up so I can reap the benefits of being able to post and ask questions!! I'm an 18 yr old girl from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada). Love hanging out with my dogs, listening to music.. and crocheting. I'm always the shy, quiet one who can't make friends really easy, so I hope this'll help me meet some new people! ~*~ Jocey:ducky
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