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  1. Great job, and I adore the lining!
  2. Hi Beverly, the pattern for the original is in the book Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. Lots of people on the forum have been making them and posting pictures. And everyone else, thanks for the compliments! Kristi
  3. I call this my "plump-bottomed" bag because it didn't come out as fat as I expected... I made this using the "fat-bottomed bag" pattern, but stopped after the second gathering row, then added a flap and button to close it with and a shoulder strap. The yarn is lion brand suede. http://bp1.blogger.com/_SCRuq67SUrs/RifQWYCbdpI/AAAAAAAAABY/NPzdLCA1Joc/s1600-h/purse-full.jpg The lining's part of an old sheet, and I beaded the button. More pictures on my blog: http://kristi-is-beading.blogspot.com/ I really like Lynlee's fat-bottomed shoulder bag variant that she posted about a week or two ago - I'm not sure I would have come up with this if I'd seen her post first. But I rather like my results anyways - it's different, if nothing else. It was my first "real" project since I've started crocheting again... I ripped about half of it out a couple of times.
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